[20:00] Time's come...
[20:00] Welcome to the Geekzone Weekly Chat. As usual I want to proceed with a bit of administrivia and then proceed with the chat
[20:00] (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/administrivia)
[20:00] * Cokemaster changes topic to 'Geekzone Community Chat | The Weekly Chat is on now. '
[20:00] First you are all invited to look at the Geekcam (http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp) and see my rough face during this chat. The camera updates every 2
[20:00] minutes (but if I am in front of this camera now the image shouldn't change much). And no, I am not naked or in robes...
[20:00] Next week I will not attend the chat. I've received an invitation from Intel to lunch with some big guys in Sydney to hear from them about the Intel's Core Microarchitecture. I will fly out to cold Sydney on Tuesday morning, have lunch, some beer and fly back to sunny Wellington arriving here at midnight.
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[20:01] The Geekzone Blogs are now updated with new code that allows everyone using the service to load their own custom CSS templates. The platform allows you to choose the standard template, or create your own on a staging area. Once it's good to go live you can copy and paste from the staging area to the custom area - and continue coding more stuff. Only you can see the staging CSS template so you "surprise" your readers when it's rea
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[20:01] [ljbade] : The Leithal Weapon is here!
[20:01] Also added to the Geekzone Blogs is a "Byline". It adds "By [First] [Last]" to the posts. You can choose to have this at the top or at the end of the post. The reason we have done that is because Google is our friend, but we always have to help it find us. This byline will allow a better indexing of the Geekzone Blogs, and it will make it easier for people to Google your name (isn't that right Juha?)
[20:01] The Geekzone Conference 2006 will happen, most likely in September. I am currently entertaining the idea of charging a nominal participation fee, probably about $15, to cover some basic expenses. But I am also trying to bring one or two sponsors to help on this - so you never know, it could even be free.
[20:01] The Geekzone Conference is a great way to meet other folks, discuss gadgets, technology, fight for your passion - and do some trolling live!
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[20:01] [bradstewart] : "You cannot say geeks and nerds are the same. Thats like saying my bogan neighbours VL commodore is like my Ferrari 430. Its just not allowed in any circle of society." - bradstewart
[20:01] Why is this a "conference"? Because unlike last year we will probably add a couple of sessions about technology, blogging, and other geek stuff as a "pre-dinner" event. This way it's much more fun. If you have suggestions for topics, please forward these to me: freitasm at the domain you all know.
[20:02] As always I want to say thanks to our moderators, Tony, Chiefie and Brad for their help on Geekzone and the upcoming events (if they choose to help us, of course ;0).
[20:02] Thanks folks and let's get with the chat!
[20:02] * tonyhughes sets mode: +nt-mislp
[20:02] i will be there
[20:02] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v barf
[20:02] You can speak now
[20:02] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v bradstewart
[20:02] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v Fraktul
[20:02] oh ok.. though my IRC want working!
[20:02] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v GZNeoTech
[20:02] Wow! That was very organised, thanks Tony!
[20:02] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v Jp9
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[20:03] We used the moderation function so it wasn't a free for all
[20:03] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v [shiver]
[20:03] Hi all.
[20:03] no problem
[20:03] argh! geek in my browser!
[20:03] So it wasn't your clients problem :)
[20:03] hi alastas
[20:03] greetings all
[20:03] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v alasta
[20:03] damn could of warned us first
[20:03] i missed half of your bit about the geek function
[20:03] We did
[20:03] I said I wasn't naked...
[20:03] lost the chat history casue i quited to get it workin
[20:03] He was meaning the moderation of the room
[20:03] lol
[20:03] the log will be posted by about 9.05pm
[20:04] wheres my voice tony?
[20:04] ok
[20:04] So, Telecom has announced their "intention" to deploy EVDO REV A by Xmas... Why is taking Vodafone so long to release HSDPA?
[20:04] ok
[20:04] i dont know james
[20:04] :-P
[20:04] good news there
[20:04] I thought HSDPA was due by the end of the year?
[20:04] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v JAMMAN21110
[20:04] I mean, 18 months ago they said they had one of the first HSDPA Nokia sites and testbed in the world - and nothing so far...
[20:04] rev b and i will drop the landine
[20:04] I saw the Telecom post
[20:04] VF got something up their sleeve?
[20:04] this EVDO rev A... will it work wif old EVDO phones... or will you need a new one
[20:04] wonder how many areas they will be doing this year?
[20:04] You'll need new ones
[20:04] No, you need new hardware.
[20:04] new hardware'
[20:05] Initially only PC CARDS and mini PCI will be available for EVDO Rev A, accordin to sources.
[20:05] though Telecom reps and dealers were initially told otherwise
[20:05] (Jama!!)
[20:05] damn it.... y cant they design phones wif future upgrades in mind...
[20:05] Money makers
[20:05] and there are many contracted customers thinking their Harrier/Apache/Sierra card will work
[20:05] $$
[20:05] Why have upgradable phones when you can sell new ones for more $$$
[20:05] This is the chicken/egg thing: won't make until market is here, market is not here until people can buy phones...
[20:05] mini PCI - nice
[20:06] whats the name?
[20:06] is it an Apache-esque device?
[20:06] is it being marketed under the
[20:06] !google HTC rev a cdma
[20:06] is it being marketed under the HTC brand name?
[20:06] damn.... it would only take a bit of sodlering to upgrade my phone yes/no? my calc can be sped up by replacing a capcitator!
[20:06] [ Google ] #1 Evolution-Data Optimized - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EVDO )
[20:06] [ Google ] Desc: It is standardized by 3GPP2, as part of the CDMA family of standards. ... The successor to the first revision of the standard, 1xEV-DO Rev. ...
[20:06] Google is your friend - it will also recommend your name to the Corporate Policy Police.
[20:06] what will the actually (not theory) speed of rav a be?

[20:07] no one knows till its operational under normal loads
[20:07] the geek is smiling! (webcam)
[20:07] thats not too bad, i would be happy with 2 :)
[20:08] Whats the latency like?
[20:08] you need to focus that webcam by the way... really fuzzy atm
[20:08] 3.1 Mbps...
[20:08] better uploading than cheap ADSL
[20:08] The camera is crap - I will get a Logitech Fusion soon (1.3mpixels) just for your delight...
[20:09] hmmm interesting that in the news there is buzz about vodafone joining the ADSL club...
[20:09] There hasn't been many canon shells being fired from the Voda camp lately
[20:09] makes sense, if only to "own" (pwn?) customers
[20:09] The Stuff article also mentioned the possibility of Woosh offering an ADSL service, but I can't imagine that.
[20:09] i better not be near any children when i try rev a then!
[20:10] Vodafone offering it is slightly more feasible if they need an Internet offering to complement their proposed 'local' phone service.
[20:10] "ADSL Club" means offering the same ADSL as anyone else, with the same limits, right?
[20:10] i would think so freitasm
[20:10] The only difference will be service. I think price-wise these ISPs will all charge the same - like petrol companies.
[20:10] well Telecon does control ADSL... so yes freitasm
[20:10] true
[20:10] for now .. so were told
[20:10] hermes
[20:10] Well, for two years or so.... they will
[20:11] freitasm: Yes, that's why I can't imagine Woosh going for it. Their wireless infrastructure gives them a point of difference
[20:11] See? Someone posted on Geekzone that TNZ is not offering services to him, so he asked IHUG and IHUG blamed TNZ.
[20:11] 3 - 4+ really
[20:11] A pain. Why don't these other ISP implement their infrastructure? Because it's easier to play the blame game.
[20:11] Indeed
[20:11] Enough of my rants. I have to fight Fairfax and Trademe...
[20:11] Especially when it's an Aussie company who can't be bothered investing in New Zealand.
[20:11] lol, i love it, any time i have a prob, with ihug, its....thats tc's fault!
[20:11] they know that they are bulffing about there unbundling plans!
[20:12] They're after a quick profit
[20:12] no luck yet Mauricio?

[20:12] Hmm
[20:12] So any luck getting your images removed from Trade me?
[20:12] at least TCL bothered to build a FASTER network while they could
[20:12] Oh, Aussie!!! I forgot to mention during the introduction: B R A Z I L 2 X 0 Australia....
[20:12] where are these images?
[20:12] lol
[20:12] go Brazil
[20:12] They're on an Apache auction
[20:12] aussie suck
[20:13] go brazil
[20:13] link!
[20:13] http://www.trademe.co.nz/Mobile-phones/Telecom-network/Other/auction-60392096.htm
[20:13] shame their cable network didnt' make it to belmont. :(
[20:13] I received an invitation for a conference next week in AKL, and the Econet Chief Project Officer will speak there... Yeah, right...
[20:13] johnr coming to play
[20:13] ....or the wairarapa
[20:14] hahaha oikos21 is really cheap... that smells like a fake phoen to me
[20:14] that tradme guy deserves banning and legal action
[20:14] Econet.... needs to put their network where their mouth is
[20:14] trade me sucks now
[20:14] Fee Me!
[20:14] geektrade up yet?
[20:14] its just gets worse
[20:14] lol
[20:14] Trademe received a notification about copyright and trademark infringement. Did they bother? Nope. Suckers.
[ [20:14] Cokebot, Trade me is also known as Fee Me
[20:14] Factoid 'Trade me' Does Not Exist Cokemaster
[20:15] what was the image?
[20:15] "no copyright specified" ?????????????????
[20:15] ppl try to sell stuff on trade me for more than its worth... and non-geeks fall for it!
[20:15] Cokebot, Trade me is also known as Fee Me
[20:15] Factoid 'Trade me' Does Not Exist Cokemaster
[20:15] Bleh
[20:15] lucky they only used thimbnails?
[20:15] The 1 unanswered question is mine....
[20:15] thought it might be
[20:15] in response to his/her comment
[20:15] theres a copyright notice at the bottom of every GZ page.....
[20:15] whats it say?
[20:15] exactly
[20:15] even ive noticed the copyright images
[20:15] egzachary
[20:15] "What do you mean no evidence of copyright? What more copyright is needed then my own name and photograph in one of the pictures used? Please remove all pictures that were taken from Geekzone. Our copyright is on http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid=684 and we retain the copyright on those images. Thanks "
[20:16] have you found out who the GZ member is yet?
[20:16] Nope. But didn't look for.
[20:16] how many active members does GZ have?
[20:16] get their IP and DDoS them! thatll teach em to mess wif geeks
[20:17] About 23000 registered users.
[20:17] dose it have to be a GZ member?
[20:17] active = log in and do stuff, not just forums
[20:17] not just someone google for the images.
[20:17] 3*** Joins : nathan_mercer (*!*geekzone@203-97-214-204.cable.telstraclear.net)
[20:17] welcome nathan
[20:17] hi Nathan
[20:17] hello nathan!
[20:17] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v nathan_mercer
[20:17] aloha nathan
[20:17] bit late aint me now nathan!
[20:17] howdy
[20:18] i goy my vista DVDs in the mail today
[20:18] i got 2 lots for some reason
[20:18] burnt ehm
[20:18] I put copyright notices overlayed on most of my trademe pics now
[20:18] with my username
[20:18] Wow... I just logged into the Query to check the number of NZ members and saw that we have served 600,000 Blog Pages already.
[20:18] lol go tony
[20:18] cost of shipping to MS $USD36
[20:19] you can always add secret text to your JPG files wif a special program... forget what it is called...
[20:19] There are plenty of programs to do that
[20:19] er photoshop...
[20:19] Even a plug in in Adobe photoshop
[20:19] :)
[20:19] dvds sent from?
[20:19] overseas?
[20:19] no... it adds them inside the data stream... so it is invisible!
[20:19] i use obvuois text
[20:19] sent from seattle
[20:20] i want it visible
[20:20] ok, cause you're on techbeta I think?
[20:20] You are talking about Steganography... Steganos does it.
[20:20] yeah
[20:20] but if they crop the image then the visual stuff wont work
[20:20] there's two ways of doing it. one is in the header data, the other is within the data streams itself. it causes some minor image degradation, but *Shrug*
[20:20] steganos is awesome
[20:20] i have no idea how they got my address either
[20:20] cos i didnt give it to them
[20:20] lol
[20:20] big brother......
[20:20] they know everything brad
[20:20] meant for your neighbour?
[20:20] lol
[20:21] who here has started using the new psotcodes yet bty?
[20:21] yeah must be that activation thing they have built it
[20:21] not me
[20:21] i have
[20:21] I have
[20:21] cant be bothered till i am required to by someone
[20:21] i know mine, but haven't used it yet.
[20:21] or till i send important mail
[20:21] I have... And I found my postcode in the flyer for the competition...
[20:21] Is there a certain point in time when it will be compulsory to use them?
[20:21] 3*** Joins : kelly2626 (*!*geekzone@gprs.vodafone.net.nz)
[20:21] played the game on nzpost to remember it :)
[20:21] hi john
[20:21] we got ours in the mail... been meaning to enter that postcode crossword into my comp so i can get that prize
[20:21] Since we moved houses I am giving the new address with the postcode.
[20:21] your ip gives you away
[20:21] your trademe friend says he was NZs first data over mobile user!!!!!!
[20:22] hi john
[20:22] kelly2626 [~geekzone@gprs.vodafone.net.nz] has joined #geekzone
[20:22] ?
[20:22] his GZ profile
[20:22] which profile?
[20:22] no not kelly2626
[20:22] Which profile?
[20:22] whois
[20:22] geekzone
[20:22] url brad
[20:23] Hmm
[20:23] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/user_public.asp?user_id=10068
[20:23] hmm... how do you get cokebot to comment on ppl again cokemaster?
[20:23] Anyone here using Windows Server 2003 or with hardware good enough (and reason for)?
[20:23] Cokebot, JAMMAN21110
[20:23] Error 404 Item not found
[20:23] !?!
[20:23] freitasm, trying to get worl to upgrade from 2000
[20:23] Cokebot, kelly2626 is a troll.
[20:23] Ok I understand kelly2626.
[20:23] 404... what the... you running an Apach server cokemaster?
[20:23] work
[20:23] "with hardware good enough"?
[20:24] ljbade: ;)
[20:24] 3*** Joins : kelly26261 (*!*daljava@gprs.vodafone.net.nz)
[20:24] Well, you won't run Windows Server 2003 on your old PIII 256MB,right?
[20:24] hello
[20:24] Morning
[20:24] Windows server .....
[20:24] * ljbade pukes
[20:24] someone working in radio should know all about copyright
[20:24] * kelly26261 (~daljava@gprs.vodafone.net.nz) Quit (Quit: Leaving )
[20:24] oh right.. well I have the hardware but I'm not running server on it
[20:24] we have 500+ P4 2.8 and 3Ghz machines and all with windows 2000
[20:24] hopeless
[20:24] nice detective work brad
[20:25] lol
[20:25] looks like he's in my town, want me to hunt him down?
[20:25] im super sneaky
[20:25] nothing wrong with Win2k.
[20:25] linux will run 24/7 on any hardware for years...
[20:25] super sneaky and super geeky?
[20:25] cya jaff
[20:25] say hi to TG
[20:25] Haha
[20:25] GZNT do you need Windows Server?

[20:25] *nothing* wrong with win2k?
[20:25] ask for a raise lol
[20:25] lol ;p
[20:25] lol win2k is too old
[20:25] Bump the shareprices up for me ;)
[20:25] lol
[20:25] MF - I actually have it.. MS Action Pack subscriber.. thanks though
[20:25] well compared to xp i favour 2k still
[20:25] 2k is hilarious
[20:25] we have dvd drives and cant use them
[20:26] 3*** Joins : kelly26261 (*!*daljava@gprs.vodafone.net.nz)
[20:26] Is that you johnr?
[20:26] * tonyhughes loves linux
[20:26] 3*** Joins : antoniosk (*!*eekzoneir@218-101-84-24.dialup.clear.net.nz)
[20:26] Ok, I will change the question. Does anyone here want to nominate a charity or non-profit to receive a copy of Windows Server?
[20:26] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v antoniosk
[20:26] heh, my primary machine is 2k, but all 3 servers are linux (home that is)
[20:26] hello
[20:26] Greetings
[20:26] do you no longer have the previous list?
[20:26] Hastings Plunket
[20:26] hi. probs logging in with ie7 beta
[20:27] MF
[20:27] troll in da house
[20:27] Done. Hastings Plunket.
[20:27] I second Tony's nomination
[20:27] Hmm
[20:27] woooohooo
[20:27] hmmmm..... Kapiti College.... we still use win 2k for some reason
[20:27] can;t get by without plunket
[20:27] why do plunket need a server OS?
[20:27] Is the Kapiti College interested or capable of running W2k3? If so, yes, I have a copy for them.
[20:27] i dont know
[20:27] well done Mauricio
[20:27] why does anyone?
[20:28] dunedin city council
[20:28] oh boy does anyone like a troll
[20:28] DCC is not a charity......
[20:28] Nope - the Dunedin City Council is for profit.
[20:28] IS would like to see us using typewriters
[20:28] lol
[20:28] * kelly26261 (~daljava@gprs.vodafone.net.nz) Quit (Quit: Leaving )
[20:28] And government - your money tax at work.
[20:28] well rates not tax
[20:28] hello
[20:28] No.
[20:28] probably not.... i think some teachers database program that keeps track of absentees they purchased from Massey doesn't like anything newer than 2k
[20:28] kd;kd
[20:29] Ok, so I can't send to them...
[20:29] Massey is in the process of rolling out XP
[20:29] * kelly2626 (~geekzone@gprs.vodafone.net.nz) Quit (Quit: Bye bye )
[20:29] that'll probably be MUSAC
[20:29] Oh
[20:29] ha masseys a bit slow eh?
[20:29] Musac
[20:29] * Cokemaster runs for the hills
[20:29] !ban kelly2626
[20:29] unless they've changed the name in the past 5 years
[20:29] ;p
[20:29] tonyhughes: no
[20:29] why odnt they wait for vista?
[20:29] we still run w2k at Telstra....
[20:29] I think I know who it is :)
[20:29] its johnr
[20:29] not much fune I tell ua....
[20:29] :)
[20:29] :)
[20:30] Antonios, do you know what's the HTC EVDO Rev A device?
[20:30] geekbot didnt respond anways
[20:30] If someones going to join as Kelly... you must at least be a bit trollish
[20:30] 3*** Joins : cavehamster (*!*hamster@nm1.snurkle.net)
[20:30] y?
[20:30] hermes?
[20:30] Nope that's hsdpa
[20:30] Because someone from TNZ didn't disclose this here on the chat before you joined, so trying to get this from non-TNZ people...
[20:30] Exactly Hermes is another thing:
[20:31] ahh. recall it's an aerial-less apache, can't recall the model name
[20:31] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid=6367
[20:31] Ok, thanks - this is good enough information ;0)
[20:31] That sync icon looks like the OS X sync one :-/
[20:32] That "sync icon" is the Wireless Control Centre... turn on/off the cellular radio, BT or Wi-Fi.
[20:32] so you just smash the aerial off your apache to get the upgrade?>
[20:32] 3*** Joins : johnr (*!*geekzone@gprs.vodafone.net.nz)
[20:32] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v johnr
[20:32] :)
[20:32] hi all
[20:32] well then
[20:33] Hello John
[20:33] hi john
[20:33] right. spoke to lars at HTC Europe, and Hermes/Breeze are the ones to go first. But their model is still pushing devices via carriers
[20:33] Nathan thanks for the CD
[20:33] No problem, johnr . Now please turn off that script or else I might kick ban you one day.
[20:33] Hi John
[20:33] STRTrk?
[20:33] lol
[20:33] hi
[20:33] No.
[20:33] because carriers get to do fun stuff like subsidise devices, customer care etc
[20:33] what script
[20:33] * cavehamster (~hamster@nm1.snurkle.net) has left #geekzone (Leaving )
[20:33] I missed the Star Trek offer for US$200!!!!
[20:33] who's script?
[20:33] Its nothing
[20:33] john: no prob
[20:33] * ljbade (~ljbade@210-246-13-136.paradise.net.nz) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[20:34] where was the cheap flipphone?
[20:34] whats this script stuff about from cokebot
[20:34] nevermind john
[20:34] Apparently there was an offer for the TechEd (Boston) atendees through MobilePlanet...
[20:34] Sorry, it looks for scripts that say "Thanks for the ops/voice " .... I should really turn it off
[20:34] No problem, Cokemaster . Now please turn off that script or else I might kick ban you one day.
[20:34] I can't say more than this. It's gone now. I had a code, but it was late...
[20:34] Like so
[20:35] cokebot has a issue
[20:35] Heh
[20:35] too much caffiene?
[20:35] too many drugs
[20:35] cokebot has lots of issues
[20:35] Nathan... Downloaded the new Live Messenger today. Used the beta for months. As soon as I installed the official release it crashed.
[20:35] too much sniffing rhe coke shit
[20:35] Arghhh.
[20:36] installed that tonight
[20:36] msn 8
[20:36] been on beta for long time
[20:36] it looks nice, but really, what does it do for me that msn 7.5 didnt?
[20:36] souns like a few people with issue with it
[20:36] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:36] works well enough
[20:36] connects to yahoo messenger
[20:36] File Sharing is good.
[20:36] hmmmm yahoo interconnect
[20:36] interesting pose MF
[20:36] nice
[20:37] snap jamman
[20:37] i thought so too
[20:37] LOL
[20:37] but casnt add yahoo folk yet??
[20:37] you look deep in concentration lol
[20:37] miranda-im for me
[20:37] lol @ tony
[20:37] he always is i believe
[20:37] does he move
[20:37] does miranda do webcams?
[20:37] we froze MF
[20:37] not sure, there might be a plugin for it.
[20:37] i use it mostly for messaging on icq, msn & yahoo
[20:37] for future generations of geeks
[20:37] but it's got plugins for other protocols aswell
[20:38] he is frozen in time
[20:38] how often you updating MF?
[20:38] 30secs? 2mins?
[20:38] 2 minutes he said
[20:38] 60 seconds.
[20:38] im still using trillian-which covers most of those
[20:38] Oh
[20:38] ah
[20:38] Heh
[20:38] MF looks younger on cam than his avatar
[20:38] yeah, i tried trillian, didn't fit with how i think.
[20:38] lol
[20:38] see this horrible nokia has finally been released....
[20:38] http://www.nokiausa.com/phones/6305i/
[20:38] Hey, is that Tim?
[20:38] i like gaim
[20:39] but use MSN video calling a lot
[20:39] back, what have i missed
[20:39] the Nokia Uglyphone
[20:39] ouch external antenna = bad
[20:39] Tim (a .Net MVP) said the same the first time we met "You look 10 years younger live than on your picture"... And I replied "Why, do I look 50 on the picture?"
[20:39] that fone is fugly
[20:39] 3*** Joins : jette (*!*geekzone@219-89-130-54.jetstart.xtra.co.nz)
[20:39] hmmm i smell cat shi* brb
[20:39] its a kyocera
[20:39] Arghhhh. That's ugly!
[20:40] cat shit
[20:40] your fav avatar makes you look very different MF
[20:40] LOL
[20:40] from real life
[20:40] lol
[20:40] But the girl next to it is ok.
[20:40] he hasnt had a lot of sleep in how long now?
[20:40] ish...
[20:40] very -ish-
[20:40] Since Sunday...
[20:40] http://photocreations.ca/cd_lamp/
[20:40] ouch sunday
[20:41] Woke up at 6am Sunday, went to bed again 1am Monday, got up at 4am to watch B R A Z I L 2 x 0 Australia... And then you need more sleep!
[20:41] whats so great about brazil MF??
[20:41] lol@brad
[20:41] * bradstewart hides
[20:41] Did I say Australia lost the plot? They played football like rugby!
[20:41] he was born there?
[20:41] * antoniosk (geekzoneir@218-101-84-24.dialup.clear.net.nz) Quit (Ping timeout )
[20:41] bye antoniosk
[20:42] do brazil have a good soccer team?
[20:42] ;-)
[20:42] only beat aussie by 2
[20:42] bradstewart is a dirty troll
[20:42] They do not need to win by 10 - just need to go to the next round without showing the game, right?
[20:42] 2 points in real football is an embarrassing amount to lose by
[20:42] Make sure the final is a surprise.
[20:42] freitasm : implementation of service on infrastructure for isps freitasm - because the business market has far better roi for them and if ther were to roll out sufficiently for res market then telecom can drop their pricing to a poitn where they might never get a roi
[20:42] nah the aussies need a good hiding
[20:43] and brazil couldnt brng the goods
[20:43] whoops that didnt come out quite right
[20:43] Fraktul, what's that?
[20:43] you get the gist
[20:43] 3*** Joins : BORG (*!*Cokebot@60-234-235-9.bitstream.orcon.net.nz)
[20:43] Hmm
[20:43] hiya borg
[20:43] Its cokebot
[20:43] its a cokeborg?
[20:43] * Cokebot (~Cokebot@60-234-235-9.bitstream.orcon.net.nz) Quit (SVSKilled: Ghost command used by Cokemaster!~cokemaste@60-234-235-9.bitstream.orcon.net.nz )
[20:43] Hmm
[20:43] Yes, but I wonder if you need a reply on that? It sounds like a good Capitalist Strategy 102...
[20:44] 3*** Joins : Logan (*!*LoKi@203-173-200-32.nzwide.ihug.co.nz)
[20:44] borg get voice?
[20:44] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:44] can you kick lokinz, please
[20:44] Hmm
[20:44] * lokinz (LoKi@203-173-200-32.nzwide.ihug.co.nz) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[20:44] * Logan is now known as lokinz
[20:44] thanks :)
[20:44] *shurg* i dont know, you ask why they didnt roll out services over infrastructure they sometimes had in place or could develop
[20:44] * BORG is now known as Cokebot
[20:45] * tonyhughes sets mode: +o Cokebot
[20:45] * Cokebot (~Cokebot@60-234-235-9.bitstream.orcon.net.nz) has left #geekzone
[20:45] 3*** Joins : Cokebot (*!*Cokebot@60-234-235-9.bitstream.orcon.net.nz) -- (Operator Status: ¬Janitor)
[20:45] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Cokebot
[20:45] * lokinz was kicked by tonyhughes (Behave )
[20:45] * tonyhughes was kicked by geekbot (geekbot )
[20:45] 3*** Joins : tonyhughes (*!*tonyhughe@210-86-118-207.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) -- (Operator Status: ¬Owner)
[20:45] [tonyhughes] : Who is this Fay Richwhite cow anyway, and where did she get all her money from?
[20:45] * ChanServ sets mode: +o tonyhughes
[20:45] well, looks like i'm going to have to disappear. so i'll be leaving now
[20:45] Ok
[20:45] Have fun
[20:45] 3*** Joins : lokinz (*!*LoKi@203-173-200-32.nzwide.ihug.co.nz)
[20:45] night all
[20:45] Wait... I will draw something now...
[20:45] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v jette
[20:45] yay
[20:45] !spin :P
[20:45] Searching for a winner...
[20:45] ah, ok. i can spare a min or two then. :)
[20:45] hi jette
[20:45] Spinning ....
[20:45] cheers
[20:45] Todays winner is johnr, Well Done.
[20:45] First we have Compact Flash GPS from Globalsat: http://www.globalsat.com.tw/english/products_detail.php?main_id=20&p_id=144
[20:46] That was a little script I wrote up
[20:46] welcome to Geekzone chat
[20:46] John!!!!!!!!
[20:46] damn it
[20:46] I give 15 seconds....
[20:46] congrats john
[20:46] oh nice
[20:46] well done john
[20:46] congrats
[20:46] congrats
[20:46] It can be used with Pocket PCs or laptops with PC card (if you use a CF-PCMCIA adapter). I will draw a number using a highly sophisticated algorythm on Excel and call the winner...
[20:47] Ooops, not the excel thing - copy and paste... from another one.
[20:47] John.......
[20:47] The next one is a Bluetooth LAN Access Point. It's good if your laptop or Pocket PC or Palm can connect to LAP (LAN Access over PPP). This include all current Bluetooth stacks (including the Microsoft one), plus Widcomm-based Bluetooth for Pocket PC (no Windows Mobile 5!) and all Palm Bluetooth devices...
[20:47] Cokemaster, if you please?
[20:47] !spin
[20:47] Searching for a winner...
[20:47] pickme pickme pickme
[20:47] Spinning ....
[20:47] lol
[20:47] Todays winner is tonyhughes, Well Done.
[20:47] no me
[20:47] hahahaha
[20:47] LOL
[20:47] Bugger!
[20:47] LOL
[20:47] It is random
[20:47] Laughs Out Loud
[20:47] Talk about being influenced!
[20:47] well done Tony
[20:47] lol
[20:47] I can post the script for those interested
[20:47] nice one
[20:47] cokebot must be taking bribes
[20:47] Tony, wel done...
[20:48] not if the script shows a bias towards pickme pickme pickme
[20:48] :-P
[20:48] This is the script used
[20:48] on *:text:!spin*:#: {
[20:48] set %winner $nick(#,$rand(1,$nick(#,0)))
[20:48] msg # Searching for a winner...
[20:48] timer 1 2 msg # Spinning ....
[20:48] timer 1 4 msg # Todays winner is %winner $+ , Well Done.
[20:48] Ok - John gets the CF GPS from Globalsat, Tony gets the Bluetooth AP.
[20:48] }
[20:48] Well done, john ad tony
[20:48] 3*** Joins : JAMMAN0112 (*!*JAMMAN211@222-153-154-35.jetstream.xtra.co.nz)
[20:48] I have more for next week. Always have some stuff here.
[20:48] Brad, did you get the MSFT backpack?
[20:48] ok, well i'm off then. night all
[20:48] my nets hating me again
[20:48] * Jp9 (~jpwise@ip-58-28-158-68.ubs-dsl.xnet.co.nz) has left #geekzone
[20:48] yeah i did, it arrived on thus
[20:49] cya jared!
[20:49] thurs
[20:49] 2 l8
[20:49] thanks MF
[20:49] Gosh, a week from Wellington to the SI... What's NZ Post doing?
[20:49] who knows
[20:49] The postal system is really unreliable.
[20:49] taking there time
[20:49] i was very big package though
[20:49] sleeping
[20:49] He got my bond dvds quicker
[20:49] playing with new post codes :P
[20:49] It sometimes takes several days for me to get stuff posted from customers within the Wellington region.
[20:49] * johnr (~geekzone@gprs.vodafone.net.nz) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out )
[20:49] nah they arrived on same day
[20:50] coke i still havent had a chance to watch them
[20:50] lol
[20:50] Ok, I have something else here...
[20:50] ooh
[20:50] woot!
[20:50] "Somethign else"
[20:50] A Microsoft Windows Vista-branded...
[20:50] Wait I have to find a URL for this!
[20:50] t shirt??
[20:50] Is it a cap with a propellor on top?
[20:50] I always wanted one of those.
[20:50] hey im the M$troll here
[20:50] pickme pickme oickme
[20:50] URL for the BT AP ?
[20:50] If you say so bradstewart
[20:51] alasta, me 2
[20:51] brad it doesnt work lol
[20:51] whom shall i kick?
[20:51] !spinn
[20:51] Searching for a winner...
[20:51] Spinning ....
[20:51] Todays winner is jette, Well Done.
[20:51] lol
[20:51] lol
[20:51] Who is jette?
[20:51] whos that
[20:51] winning a kick? nice
[20:51] So what exactly has been won here?
[20:51] jette = non geek family member
[20:51] Oh
[20:52] :)
[20:52] A vista branded...... ?
[20:52] so you're saying it's okay to kick fami;y?
[20:52] family
[20:52] Pair of underpants?
[20:52] lol
[20:52] eheheh;'
[20:52] Just a minute...
[20:52] lingerie
[20:52] AT least then a Linux geek could wear it...
[20:52] i wont kick her... she wont know whats going on LOL
[20:52] Now now bradstewart
[20:52] Don't get your hopes up
[20:53] well id it was i could give it 2 the missus and score some points lol
[20:53] how long does it take to find a link .. forever if your with telecon
[20:54] theres too many jammans in here
[20:54] !kick jamman0112 link this, mofo
[20:54] * JAMMAN0112 was kicked by geekbot (link this, mofo )
[20:54] kick them all i say
[20:54] 3*** Joins : JAMMAN0112 (*!*JAMMAN211@222-153-154-35.jetstream.xtra.co.nz)
[20:54] oi im the real one!
[20:54] lol
[20:54] * JAMMAN0112 is now known as JAMMAN2110
[20:54] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v JAMMAN2110
[20:54] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v lokinz
[20:54] hmm
[20:54] will the real jamman..
[20:54] Ok, I can't find a URL.
[20:54] please go away?
[20:54] heres one http://www.geekzone.co.nz
[20:54] lol
[20:54] easy
[20:54] pickme pickme pickme
[20:54] ;)
[20:55] brad give up
[20:55] pickme pickme pickme
[20:55] :-)
[20:55] if it picks tony he dies
[20:55] I know there's one. But this thing is cool. It's a USB File Copy device. If you need to copy files from one pc to another, plug the USB in both and a program will start automatically showing both PCs. Just drag-and-drop to copy files!
[20:55] lol
[20:55] nice
[20:55] neat
[20:55] cool
[20:55] Neat
[20:55] like a usb network cable with file copy function?
[20:55] I got from Microsoft when I went to Seattle last time, and it's "Windows Vista" branded. Really cool stuff...
[20:55] Yes...
[20:56] !spinn
[20:56] Searching for a winner...
[20:56] Spinning ....
[20:56] Todays winner is psychrn, Well Done.
[20:56] * JAMMAN21110 (~JAMMAN211@222-152-212-159.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out )
[20:56] sweeeeeeet
[20:56] dang
[20:56] well done psych
[20:56] Psychrn!!!!!!
[20:56] i'll never win lol
[20:56] congrats psychrn
[20:56] well done psychrn
[20:56] *cough*loser*cough*
[20:56] I need your name, address for delivery.... Please send me an email.
[20:56] joke......
[20:57] my 1st time guys]
[20:57] yahoo
[20:57] the 1st is always memorable....
[20:57] freitasm @ the domain....
[20:57] ta guys]
[20:57] psychrns geekzone prize cherry got popped?
[20:57] lol @ tony
[20:58] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:58] and even i didnt go that far
[20:58] It's here now...
[20:58] * tonyhughes is known for his random inappropriateness
[20:58] !updatestats
[20:58] MF got a URL for the BTAP
[20:58] Recalculating mIRCStats for #geekzone
[20:58] * bradstewart is knocked of chair by tonyhughes' spelling abilities
[20:58] QuickStats by mIRCStats - Top talkers today: Cokemaster: 348 lines, tonyhughes: 337, JAMMAN2110: 324, GZNeoTech: 207, freitasm: 153, ljbade: 137, Cokebot: 106, bradstewart: 72, lokinz: 44, Jp9: 34
[20:58] mIRCStats for #geekzone updated! Check out the stats at http://geekzoneircstats.briangosling.com/
[20:58] he agve the link ages ago
[20:59] gee
[20:59] coke
[20:59] im
[20:59] catching
[20:59] up
[20:59] why
[20:59] lol
[20:59] go tony its ur birthday
[20:59] * tonyhughes dances on the table
[20:59] im an old bugga
[20:59] 8:59 folks
[20:59] logging stops here
[20:59] yay!
[20:59] BTAP?
[20:59] wohhoo
[20:59] thanks for coming, please feel free to stick around
[21:00] and get jiggy wit it