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Netatmo launches smart home products in New Zealand
Posted on 20-Nov-2017 20:06

Netatmo is a smart home company developing ground-breaking, intuitive and beautifully-designed connected consumer electronics.... Comments (Comments)

Huawei Mate 10: Punchy, long battery life, artificial intelligence
Posted on 20-Nov-2017 16:30

Huawei’s marketing wants to tell you about the artificial intelligence features built into the Mate 10 phone. Its AI technology is impressive, but that’s not the best reason to choose the phone over its closest rivals. The Huawei Mate 10 is a first-class Android phone that, at NZ$1100, also represents good value for money. There’s […]Huawei Mate 10: Punchy, long battery life, artificial intelligence... Comments (Comments)

Propel launch Disney Star Wars Laser Battle Drones
Posted on 19-Nov-2017 21:26

A new generation of multi-player gaming drones launches onto the New Zealand market on November 21 with Propel's Disney Star Wars laser drones.... Comments (Comments)

UFB killer app: Speed
Posted on 17-Nov-2017 17:01

What will move New Zealanders from copper to Ultra-Fast Broadband? Or as we used to say in the 1990s: “What is the UFB killer app”? Video is the simple answer. It’s not the only answer. We’ve been using video communications tools such as Facetime and Skype with success since the early days of ADSL. Video conferencing […]UFB killer app: Speed... Comments (Comments)

The case for RSS — MacSparky
Posted on 13-Nov-2017 14:35

For several years now, the trend among geeks has been to abandon the RSS format. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to queue up and serve content from the internet. Source: The Case for RSS — MacSparky Geeks might not like RSS, but it’s an essential tool if you monitor news or need […]The case for RSS — MacSparky... Comments (Comments)

WordPress and Indieweb: Take control of your online presence — 6:30 GridAKL Nov 30
Posted on 11-Nov-2017 13:43

Indieweb – why you should take more control of your online presence and how to use WordPress to do it. What you post online should belong to you, not a corporation. That corporation can close shop or change its rules tomorrow: you may not be able to get at your own data. Even if you […] WordPress and Indieweb: Take control of your online presence — 6:30 GridAKL Nov 30 ... Comments (Comments)

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Kiwis to be hit with tax on online purchases
Created by Gordy7, last reply by cadman on 20-Nov-2017 13:21 (174 replies)
Pages ... 10 11 12

Xero generated PDF's faulty ?
Created by xpd, last reply by MadEngineer on 20-Nov-2017 20:18 (15 replies)

Where can I get Chilis?
Created by trig42, last reply by networkn on 20-Nov-2017 17:37 (13 replies)

Curious updates from Bigpipe
Created by robjg63, last reply by hio77 on 17-Nov-2017 19:27 (11 replies)

Potential heatpump issue
Created by theitman, last reply by Rickles on 19-Nov-2017 18:41 (9 replies)

Data hunt (free data game) is back!
Created by PhantomNVD, last reply by PhantomNVD on 19-Nov-2017 13:51 (67 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

HDMI over Ethernet
Created by Rickles, last reply by Rickles on 20-Nov-2017 18:49 (14 replies)

Recent plan change. service reduced price "increased"
Created by merve0o0, last reply by sbiddle on 19-Nov-2017 17:57 (7 replies)

Nokia 8 review
Posted on 12-Nov-2017 11:59

Nokia is back in the smartphone market, this time with no Symbian or Windows Phone on sight. Thanks to HMD Global, the company behind the Nokia brand now, a new series of Android-based smartphones is available now - in New Zealand through an exclusive arrangement with Spark.... Comments (Comments)

Huawei Mate 10 Pro review
Posted on 7-Nov-2017 19:00

Huawei is a household name when it comes to an important category in consumer electronics - smartphones. Their newest release, the Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro pushes the boundaries again with some cool new features.... Comments (Comments)

Nokia 3310 review
Posted on 7-Nov-2017 14:24

Nokia is again playing the smartphone market with its Android series, but in a throwback moment the company has launched an updated version of the 3310, the new 3310 3G which is available now in New Zealand.... Comments (Comments)

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Creating a garage door contact switch for detecting if the door is open. I had my garage door added to my house alarm. In doing so, it was added to a button on the remote we use for arming and disarming. Well after one morning where my son accidentally opened the garage door (which we can't see fro...
You may recall the nursery rhyme - 'Rain, Rain, Go Away'. Well some people don't just dislike rain - they also dislike cloud computing too. Does it make sense or are these people actually causing harm to their organisations? I'll give you the rundown on the Pros and Cons, and give you an idea of whe...
LinkedIn is the social network for professionals - are you one of those who could benefit from using it more? Paul Spain shares how some basic activity on LinkedIn helped generate a significant amount of earnings for his small business. Included are some simple LinkedIn tips that are easy to execute...
It's fair to say that much of what Apple announced isn't ground breaking on its own - a watch with an embedded cellular connection - a phone with wireless charging. These technologies have been around for years. But Apple approach things a little differently and I think most fans will be pretty plea...
Sky TV New Zealand aren't doing so well, but it's not just in New Zealand that Satellite/Cable TV providers are being impacted by disruptive forces. What can we learn from the way that traditional TV providers are being disrupted in our own fields of business and employment? As we look forward over...
New Zealand's biggest news site today wrote a story basically accusing Auckland Transport (AT) of being thieves. I'd hate to be working at AT tomorrow having to be dealing with the fallout from this alt fact fake news. This story has resulted in mass confusion from AT HOP card holders and lead man...
Anybody who's ever spent time in the VoIP space will be well aware of Sangoma Technologies. The Canadian company become well known for it's Vega gateways and telephony cards which were very popular favourite among Asterisk users from the very early days of Asterisk in the early 2000s. In 2013 Sangom...

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Netatmo NZ availability
Created by freitasm, last reply by Tinkerisk on 21-Nov-2017 03:59 (4 replies)

SB5101 - under what circumstance would you not even be able to get to
Created by sleemanj, last reply by sleemanj on 21-Nov-2017 01:49 (2 replies)

Time to give electricity the flick?
Created by gchiu, last reply by Aredwood on 21-Nov-2017 00:37 (1375 replies)
Pages ... 90 91 92

LG V30. Announcement and Owners thread
Created by maoriboy, last reply by agent86 on 21-Nov-2017 00:29 (73 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

Uber Christchurch
Created by networkn, last reply by Oblivian on 21-Nov-2017 00:29 (2 replies)

Skinny just increased rollover 4g data to 10gb on the $46 mobile plan
Created by surfisup1000, last reply by hio77 on 21-Nov-2017 00:29 (14 replies)

New House Build - Alarm Recommendations
Created by sfrasernz, last reply by phrozenpenguin on 21-Nov-2017 00:05 (1 reply)

how fast is 4G on Skinny?
Created by whyl1442, last reply by hio77 on 20-Nov-2017 23:59 (1 reply)

10% off iPhones and iPads @ Warehouse Stationary - Ends 21/11/17
Created by jat80, last reply by Shoes2468 on 20-Nov-2017 23:41 (2 replies)

FS: 3x HP Proliant ML370 G5 and 2x HP Proliant DL360 G5
Created by engedib, last reply by engedib on 20-Nov-2017 23:38 (13 replies)

What's something small that really annoys you?
Created by Finch, last reply by Fred99 on 20-Nov-2017 23:06 (4489 replies)
Pages ... 298 299 300

Free: 1U Server - pickup
Created by waikariboy, last reply by waikariboy on 20-Nov-2017 23:03 (9 replies)

Porting a number that has already been forwarded by Spark
Created by lardyl, last reply by speed on 20-Nov-2017 22:40 (3 replies)

EV Charger News
Created by Linuxluver, last reply by Linuxluver on 20-Nov-2017 22:34 (73 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

Ditch powerline or get new ones
Created by alisam, last reply by Aredwood on 20-Nov-2017 22:32 (2 replies)

FS: Apple TV 3rd Generation (Auckland)
Created by timbosan, last reply by IcI on 20-Nov-2017 22:17 (3 replies)

FS: Apple TV Gen 3
Created by sangha, last reply by sangha on 20-Nov-2017 22:09

FS: Surface 3, 4GB/128GB
Created by IcI, last reply by IcI on 20-Nov-2017 22:07

New Life for Tivo S3
Created by SepticSceptic, last reply by TCSwivel on 20-Nov-2017 21:54 (475 replies)
Pages ... 30 31 32

Lenovo laptop shipping from USA, any consideration?
Created by boland, last reply by Redteam on 20-Nov-2017 21:30 (15 replies)

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