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Huawei launches Kirin 980 7nm SoC
Posted on 19-Sep-2018 11:18

The next-generation AI experience is around the corner, with the company planning to launch the first Kirin 980-powered Mate Series device, which is scheduled to arrive in October....

New Zealand now a global leader in smart TV adoption
Posted on 17-Sep-2018 18:11

New Zealand consumers, driven by increasing demand for video streaming services, are now a global leader in the adoption of Smart TVs, according to the latest report from IDC Research....

HP launches advanced metals 3D printing technology for mass production
Posted on 17-Sep-2018 16:32

HP Inc. launched HP Metal Jet, the world’s most advanced 3D printing technology for the high volume manufacturing of production-grade metal parts....

More and more governments now benchmark broadband status in their national plans
Posted on 12-Sep-2018 02:00

Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development releases annual country-by-country data on state of broadband access worldwide....

Wacom introduces the Cintiq Pro 24-inch pen display
Posted on 10-Sep-2018 17:25

Wacom extends the Cintiq Pro line-up with a new high-performance mid-sized display, built for cutting-edge creative and design applications including augmented and virtual reality....

Spark and Te Aka Māori Dictionary launch a visual Te Reo Māori translation app
Posted on 10-Sep-2018 09:47

Kupu: take a photo, learn a language...

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is VDSL speed a good indicator of what it might be when switch to fibre?
Created by iamsammajor, last reply by iamsammajor on 19-Sep-2018 17:27 (21 replies)
Pages ... 2

Weird Microwave Question
Created by networkn, last reply by tdgeek on 19-Sep-2018 19:47 (18 replies)
Pages ... 2

New Zealand housing market (particularly Auckland)
Created by quickymart, last reply by MileHighKiwi on 19-Sep-2018 20:59 (272 replies)
Pages ... 17 18 19

why there is so much lag within the same company.
Created by RayZhou, last reply by RayZhou on 17-Sep-2018 20:07 (27 replies)
Pages ... 2

The Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR discussion and owners thread
Created by JEDENZED, last reply by daksta on 19-Sep-2018 18:51 (232 replies)
Pages ... 14 15 16

Signal strength of -104 to -120 dBm on Vodafone at home, will that be enough to receive a text?
Created by Tomahawk66, last reply by Tomahawk66 on 16-Sep-2018 12:51 (24 replies)
Pages ... 2

IOS 12 impressions
Created by 3puttssuck, last reply by mattwnz on 20-Sep-2018 00:27 (67 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

Lotto Site Showing Weird Result
Created by eracode, last reply by Mspec on 19-Sep-2018 22:30 (11 replies)

OPPO R15 Pro review
Posted on 27-Aug-2018 11:23

With the new R15 Pro model, OPPO continues to focus on photos. This time the company designed its flagship smartphone with a new Sony imaging sensor, the IMX519....

Norton Core review
Posted on 7-Aug-2018 15:57

The Norton Core is the first attempt by Symantec at bringing a new security approach for home networks to the market....

D-Link COVR-C1203 review
Posted on 30-Jul-2018 20:35

Home networks are increasingly growing more complex. Structured cabling is not really something easy to retrofit without pulling existing walls apart. ...

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New Zealand Dialing validation regex
Posted by BarTender on 10-Sep-2018 16:10
Was doing some work with the NZ Dialing plan and needed to write some regex to validate NZ numbers. This is what I ended up with ^0[3469][\d]{7}$|^020[1-6][\d]{6,7}$|^0210[03-7][\d]{5}$|^021[12][\d]{6}$|021[3-9][\d]{5}$|^02[279][\d]{7}$|^028[\d]{6,8}$ Local area codes 03,04,06,09 are all 8 digi...
I've been a fan of Polycom IP phones for many years, but haven't used these for deployments for many years in part due to the price of the hardware in New Zealand compared to other brands of phones. Recently I decided to pull out my IP335 to make some configuration changes and picked up a new VVX410...
Cloud services = bad for business
Posted by nunz on 28-Jul-2018 14:05
Looking back at some old blog posts I find myself revisiting some of the things I said about cloud services being dangerous or potentially bad for business. A few years later I am more convinced of this than ever. Here is why: When I talk about cloud services in this article I am generally looking ...
D-Link OMNA 180 HD CAM and Apple Homekit
Posted by antoniosk on 19-Jul-2018 16:42
Home automation, the integrated house, control at your fingertips. In any modern house, you will find a plethora of ‘things' that can be turned on and off, adjusted, set to a timer or other setting, or even to simulate a pattern. The first and second generation families of these concepts ̵...
Introduction I've been using social media since long before we called it that. As a totally blind kid who pestered his older siblings to read as much of the newspaper to him as they could stand, I'll never forget the sense of empowerment I felt when, as a teenager over 30 years ago, I logged into t...
The previously mentioned Croit CEPH Cluster has been running well for a few weeks now, with a couple of issues found and addressed with help from Croit. Things we've learnt: Storage nodes really need 8GB of RAM. A monitor node can be an old laptop with 100mbp/s NIC as long as the CPU is 64bit...
Akamai IP Reputation Filter
Posted by BarTender on 31-May-2018 11:53
So today I had an interesting issue where I was unable to access a web site from a customers internet connection. It seems that Akamai IP Reputation Filter has for some reason decided that the reputation of this IP address has some random issue that will prevent me from accessing their web site. T...

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Created by biggal, last reply by biggal on 20-Sep-2018 01:54 (2 replies)

Created by SheriffNZ, last reply by biggal on 20-Sep-2018 01:52 (20 replies)
Pages ... 2

NZ Broadband testing from Samknows
Created by BarTender, last reply by michaelmurfy on 20-Sep-2018 01:08 (117 replies)
Pages ... 6 7 8

Electricity smart meter readings
Created by browned, last reply by Damager on 20-Sep-2018 01:01 (24 replies)
Pages ... 2

Aspirin - prophylaxis (heart etc)
Created by Fred99, last reply by Fred99 on 20-Sep-2018 00:54 (39 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

IOS 12 impressions
Created by 3puttssuck, last reply by mattwnz on 20-Sep-2018 00:27 (67 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

Negative lease time on router for internal IP address
Created by afe66, last reply by Aredwood on 20-Sep-2018 00:21 (5 replies)

Sony x9000e firmware update issues - flashing grey screen
Created by tanivula, last reply by tanivula on 19-Sep-2018 23:29

Plumbing Problems
Created by Bananabob, last reply by freitasm on 19-Sep-2018 23:12 (4 replies)

The Geekzone Fuel Usage Tracking Thread
Created by Coil, last reply by kryptonjohn on 19-Sep-2018 23:09 (94 replies)
Pages ... 5 6 7

6s battery replacement 3rd party?
Created by Nate001, last reply by Brumfondl on 19-Sep-2018 23:07 (6 replies)

Created by xpd, last reply by Geektastic on 19-Sep-2018 22:39 (17 replies)
Pages ... 2

Sense-checking apartment networking setup
Created by Tzoi, last reply by Tzoi on 19-Sep-2018 22:33 (3 replies)

Lotto Site Showing Weird Result
Created by eracode, last reply by Mspec on 19-Sep-2018 22:30 (11 replies)

Things to know before buying Used Hybrid Vehicle
Created by KillerHulk, last reply by mdav056 on 19-Sep-2018 22:19 (26 replies)
Pages ... 2

Can I use 250 V 16 A power adapter in standard NZ wall sockets?
Created by prat33k, last reply by prat33k on 19-Sep-2018 22:03 (9 replies)

Geekzone Pizza CHRISTCHURCH 2018
Created by freitasm, last reply by coffeebaron on 19-Sep-2018 21:50 (18 replies)
Pages ... 2

Excel ninja needed
Created by smac, last reply by Hammerer on 19-Sep-2018 21:31 (1 reply)

New Zealand housing market (particularly Auckland)
Created by quickymart, last reply by MileHighKiwi on 19-Sep-2018 20:59 (272 replies)
Pages ... 17 18 19

Chorus VDSL - Vectoring & G.INP rolling in
Created by hio77, last reply by hio77 on 19-Sep-2018 20:38 (388 replies)
Pages ... 24 25 26

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