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Telecommunications monitoring report: Are you being served?
Posted on 24-May-2017 11:54

There’s an untold story behind the 2017 Commerce Commission telecommunications monitoring report. Before we get to that, edited highlights from the official media release: Telecommunications Commissioner Stephen Gale says: “The cost of internet use has dropped over the last year with up to four times the data included at the same price points. 100GB in […]... Comments (Comments)

NetValue partners with CRM Provider SugarCRM
Posted on 23-May-2017 20:04

The alliance between NetValue and SugarCRM combines the core skills and capabilities of both organisations to provide best-of-breed CRM capabilities and effective software-integration to the New Zealand agricultural sector.... Comments (Comments)

Terabyte looms as Vocus users download 430GB a month
Posted on 19-May-2017 14:51

Vocus says its fibre broadband customers with unlimited data plans now download an average1 of 430GB a month. The average for all Vocus fibre customers is 425GB. With data use doubling every 12 to 18 months, a terabyte monthly average is in sight. Taryn Hamilton, Vocus Group’s general manager of consumer for Orcon and Slingshot […]... Comments (Comments)

2degrees tips into profit after seven lean years
Posted on 19-May-2017 09:47

It’s taken seven years, but 2degrees is making money for its shareholders. The company says it made a profit of $13.4 million in 2016. That compares with a loss of $33.1 million a year earlier. Revenue was a shade over $700 million. Fuelling that growth is a fast rise in post-paid mobile customers. That means […]... Comments (Comments)

2degrees growth story continues
Posted on 17-May-2017 15:25

2degrees delivered a maiden profit in the year ending December 31, 2016, repeating year-on-year double digit increases in revenue, while doubling the size of its broadband subscriber base.... Comments (Comments)

Symantec Blocks 22 Million Attempted WannaCry Ransomware Attacks Globally
Posted on 17-May-2017 12:41

Real-time sharing of threat intelligence between endpoint and network systems, as well as machine learning technologies, helped ensure endpoint customers were fully protected.... Comments (Comments)

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Tipping? Please no!
Created by BlueShift, last reply by MikeAqua on 24-May-2017 16:22 (93 replies)
Pages ... 5 6 7

Variable speeds on Fibre Max
Created by kapitikarl, last reply by pandazzz on 24-May-2017 22:47 (32 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

Bombing at Manchester concert, 19 dead
Created by Rikkitic, last reply by mattwnz on 25-May-2017 00:45 (86 replies)
Pages ... 4 5 6

Father banned from watching daughter's netball game: what you think of this?
Created by Rikkitic, last reply by MikeAqua on 24-May-2017 16:07 (129 replies)
Pages ... 7 8 9

Created by Linuxluver, last reply by surfisup1000 on 24-May-2017 20:31 (96 replies)
Pages ... 5 6 7

The President Of The USA: Donald Trump
Created by TimA, last reply by kingdragonfly on 23-May-2017 07:44 (4357 replies)
Pages ... 289 290 291

New Surface Pro Tablets
Created by Krishant007, last reply by timmmay on 24-May-2017 19:20 (15 replies)

Automate "Dumb" Heatpump
Created by Paul1977, last reply by richms on 24-May-2017 11:26 (46 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4

Huawei P10 Plus review
Posted on 13-May-2017 17:28

Huawei is quickly becoming a household name in the smartphone market. Its Huawei P9 brought in innovations such as dual lenses, Leica partnership for the camera software and hardware while the Huawei Mate 9 brought super-fast processor, AI-based multi-tasking and power management. With the new Huawei P10 this goes even further.... Comments (Comments)

Petcube Play review
Posted on 13-May-2017 16:53

Here's an idea: get a WiFi camera, add something we all know pets love to play with (laser!), overlay a social network for pets and a sleek design. You get Petcube Play.... Comments (Comments)

datAshur Pro review
Posted on 4-Apr-2017 15:29

As far as data security goes, most USB flash drives are rated pretty-low. You see, security can only be strong when it's easy to use and people won't go through lots of procedures to get a half-good experience - even when data security is at risk. This is not the case with the datAshur Pro.... Comments (Comments)

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Google crawling Geekzone HTTPS
Posted by freitasm on 22-May-2017 16:00
Last week (May 2017) I made the changes to start serving Geekzone over HTTPS (and this blog too). This included removing extra lines of code that dealt with HTTP to HTTPS redirection for some pages (the ones that were always served as HTTPS before the switchover) as well as setting HST header and ot...
Geekzone gone full HTTPS
Posted by freitasm on 19-May-2017 10:38
Last night I switched Geekzone ( to full HTTPS support. And slowly traffic over SSL is going up (comparing last six hours overnight vs last month). Up until now we only used SSL for login, registration, private messages and profile pages plus assets (images, CSS and scripts). ...
For those of you who are regulars on Geekzone you'll know one of my pet peeves is people who don't understand the huge security risk associated with port forwards. Configuring a port forward in your router or firewall is something configured by people every day, with the vast majority probably faili...
Television. Been around since the 1930's, with an evolution that has been interesting and non stop. It wasn't that long ago we had a Philips K9 TV in the house (no remote - that was an extra $600 in 1984), and in recent years we've had the rapid shift towards flat panels and high definition viewing,...
I'll start by being honest. I'm a huge Anker fanboy. Since I first purchased one of their multiport USB chargers a few years ago I've ended up with quite a collection of their USB chargers and USB powerbanks. These days electronic devices running out of battery can be a major first world problem, so...
Cyber attacks on NZ small business
Posted by nate on 10-Mar-2017 13:30
In August 2016, Symantec sampled 525 NZ business owners and operators about their perception of cyber security issues; all the businesses employed less than 20 people, and some of the discoveries show that we are woefully behind the eight ball. Most companies are using some sort of Windows device, ...
Webstock 2017: think of others
Posted by antoniosk on 23-Feb-2017 22:07
I had the good fortune to be allowed to attend Webstock 2017 this year, held in Wellington New Zealand from 13-17 February. This quirky event is growing in popularity and attendance, and this year featured a whole host of presenters covering many topics, from the origin of Emoji's to empathetic desi...

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Whats something small that really annoys you?
Created by Finch, last reply by eracode on 25-May-2017 03:29 (3110 replies)
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BP 10c discounts
Created by frankv, last reply by sonyxperiageek on 25-May-2017 00:56 (24 replies)
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Bombing at Manchester concert, 19 dead
Created by Rikkitic, last reply by mattwnz on 25-May-2017 00:45 (86 replies)
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Vu+ Solo 2 Set Up for NZ
Created by JoJo2, last reply by Donut on 25-May-2017 00:42 (12 replies)

So... have we found Ringworld?
Created by Linuxluver, last reply by jpoc on 24-May-2017 23:52 (63 replies)
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Dongles? - How do I make my non-wireless PC wireless?
Created by JoJo2, last reply by andrewNZ on 24-May-2017 23:23 (9 replies)

What to do with a decommissioned TiVo
Created by JimmyH, last reply by michaelmurfy on 24-May-2017 23:14 (2 replies)

Skinny Modem + Rabbit Ear Aerials
Created by matisyahu, last reply by hio77 on 24-May-2017 22:51 (6 replies)

Variable speeds on Fibre Max
Created by kapitikarl, last reply by pandazzz on 24-May-2017 22:47 (32 replies)
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Any NZ issued Credit Cards without Currency conversion or overseas ATM fees?
Created by jaybeedee, last reply by lissie on 24-May-2017 22:37 (7 replies)

Galaxy S8/S8+ Announcement and Owners' Thread
Created by marmel, last reply by indapie2000 on 24-May-2017 22:10 (565 replies)
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Created by ludez, last reply by Dratsab on 24-May-2017 21:29 (4 replies)

One month free, two new release movies per month with Quickflix
Created by freitasm, last reply by rugrat on 24-May-2017 21:28 (10 replies)

Win 10 Creators Update - Experiences
Created by networkn, last reply by freitasm on 24-May-2017 21:24 (260 replies)
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How important is HD, really?
Created by Rikkitic, last reply by mudguard on 24-May-2017 21:22 (54 replies)
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Overwatch on sale
Created by xpd, last reply by hio77 on 24-May-2017 21:08 (11 replies)

Musings on rolling your own remote "cloud" backups and general backups
Created by timmmay, last reply by timmmay on 24-May-2017 21:00 (101 replies)
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TiVo Service ending on 31 October 2017
Created by Riggleby, last reply by fe31nz on 24-May-2017 20:53 (674 replies)
Pages ... 43 44 45

Changes to DLM Incoming - ADSL & VDSL
Created by hio77, last reply by SaltyNZ on 24-May-2017 20:52 (247 replies)
Pages ... 15 16 17

PS4 party chat NAT issue with with a specific player
Created by darthfaker, last reply by darthfaker on 24-May-2017 20:41 (8 replies)