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Nothing nebulous about Microsoft’s cloud-transition
Posted on 21-Jul-2017 15:34

Four years ago Microsoft lost its mojo. The software giant had failed to compete in web search. People questioned whether Microsoft was on an IBM-style path to irrelevance. When the phone business flopped, it looked like Microsoft’s time in the sun was over. Today it is back. The 2017 Microsoft is a different beast, the […] Nothing nebulous about Microsoft’s cloud-transition ... Comments (Comments)

We’re spending more on tech, but not as much as Australians
Posted on 21-Jul-2017 11:43

Gartner says New Zealand technology spending will be $11.8 billion in 2017. That’s up 2.7 percent from 2016. It’s also a lot higher than last year’s forward looking forecast from Gartner. The total spend is forecast to pass $12 billion in 2018. Communications services is the top technology category in New Zealand. Customers will spend a total […] We’re spending more on tech, but not as much as Australians ... Comments (Comments)

Endace announces EndaceFabric for network-wide packet recording
Posted on 20-Jul-2017 20:49

Scalable, centrally-managed fabric of Network Recorders gives NOC and SOC teams quick access to network history, and accelerates network security and performance investigations.... Comments (Comments)

Acorn 6: MacOS image editing for the rest of us
Posted on 20-Jul-2017 17:04

For years Adobe Photoshop was my image editor. I used it on a Windows PC. Then switched to the Mac version. Now my first choice image editor is Flying Meat’s Acorn 6. Acorn only runs on a Mac. Last week the software updated from version 5 to 6. The upgrade brings a raft of new […] Acorn 6: MacOS image editing for the rest of us ... Comments (Comments)

HTC faces backlash over keyboard pop-up ads
Posted on 19-Jul-2017 15:53

The phone maker says the pop-ups have been seen because of an “error” to the annoyance of users. Source: HTC backlash over pop-up ads on keyboard – BBC News HTC has responded to the fuss over the pop-up ads on its Android keyboard by saying the move was “an error”. From the outside it looks […] HTC faces backlash over keyboard pop-up ads ... Comments (Comments)

BNZ adds Visa credit cards to Android Pay wallet
Posted on 18-Jul-2017 19:44

From today, BNZ customers can load their BNZ Visa credit card into their Android Pay wallet, allowing even greater flexibility when it comes to payment choice.... Comments (Comments)

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Homeless in NZ
Created by Fred99, last reply by mattwnz on 23-Jul-2017 23:34 (133 replies)
Pages ... 7 8 9

Begging for petrol money around service stations
Created by LesF, last reply by mattwnz on 23-Jul-2017 23:13 (45 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

Maori Seats
Created by Pumpedd, last reply by Wiggum on 23-Jul-2017 20:36 (214 replies)
Pages ... 13 14 15

Winston. Kingmaker? Could Well Be.
Created by tdgeek, last reply by Rikkitic on 21-Jul-2017 14:41 (165 replies)
Pages ... 9 10 11

Man stole trampoline 'to feed his family'
Created by Wiggum, last reply by allio on 21-Jul-2017 08:53 (45 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

The next Doctor announced
Created by Lizard1977, last reply by Paul1977 on 20-Jul-2017 09:55 (82 replies)
Pages ... 4 5 6

The President Of The USA: Donald Trump
Created by Coil, last reply by gzt on 23-Jul-2017 20:52 (4889 replies)
Pages ... 324 325 326

Spark fibre issues in Chch this morning?
Created by steve98, last reply by Oblivian on 23-Jul-2017 19:00 (18 replies)
Pages ... 2

iStorage diskAshur 2 review
Posted on 28-May-2017 14:52

I recently had the chance to review the iStorage USB memory drives but what if you need larger storage for entire laptop backups or large file transfers? Take a look at the new iStorage diskAshur2 secure external drives.... Comments (Comments)

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RM3's also - but this time with more geek.
Posted by davidcole on 16-Jul-2017 20:16
Steve just blogged about the great little RM3 device - - a small IR capable device with a number of IR transmitters in it. Capable of controling heatpumps, tvs and stereos. But using their app, does allow the little device on the internet, as as Steve allude...
A heat pump is now the most common method of heating New Zealand homes. With winter now in full force it's safe to say most will be in use to combat the current cold weather. One feature of relatively new heat pumps is the ability to connect them to your WiFi network and control them from a phone ap...
This week we discuss from E3 in Los Angeles, NZs Ultra-Fast Broadband rollout progress, highlights Magpie GPS tracker, ETurbo kids smartwatch from Elanation, Kin2Kin startup shares monetisation plans, Fuji Xero NZ financial dramas. Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week's guests: Wal Reid ...
This week on NZ Tech Podcast we discuss Intel Compute Card, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference highlights incl new Macs, Apple HomePod, iPad Pro comes of age. SpaceX recycling rockets and capsules, 25% of Australians support a cashless society, Dubai's Robot Cops. This episode of NZ Tech Podcast...
Paul Spain joined Glenn Gore following his keynote at Amazon's AWS Summit in Auckland. Glenn is an Australian based in London,and he shares his own story and discusses what he's learnt working with AWS client organisations around the world. Get the Podcast here: Subscribe and listen via iTunes RS...
Unless you've been living under a rock you'll be well aware of the issues surrounding car parking at Wellington airport and the surrounding Miramar streets. Streets nearby to the airport have become a popular alternative for both travellers and staff working at the airport to avoid what many conside...
Google crawling Geekzone HTTPS
Posted by freitasm on 22-May-2017 16:00
Last week (May 2017) I made the changes to start serving Geekzone over HTTPS (and this blog too). This included removing extra lines of code that dealt with HTTP to HTTPS redirection for some pages (the ones that were always served as HTTPS before the switchover) as well as setting HST header and ot...

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HELP: Water drainage problem!!!
Created by Beny, last reply by Aredwood on 24-Jul-2017 02:06 (1 reply)

Ubiquiti Edgerouter Tutorial
Created by michaelmurfy, last reply by fe31nz on 24-Jul-2017 00:53 (139 replies)
Pages ... 8 9 10

UK to ban credit card charges next year
Created by Geektastic, last reply by richms on 24-Jul-2017 00:51 (69 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

Skidding downhill on black ice: survival tactics
Created by Greendrake, last reply by Batman on 24-Jul-2017 00:30 (63 replies)
Pages ... 3 4 5

WTB: Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Stand - S8
Created by flixide, last reply by flixide on 23-Jul-2017 23:52

Created by Jeeves, last reply by terryxsq on 23-Jul-2017 23:46 (49 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4

Homeless in NZ
Created by Fred99, last reply by mattwnz on 23-Jul-2017 23:34 (133 replies)
Pages ... 7 8 9

Free (Now Gone): Motorola insta-share projector
Created by 1024kb, last reply by freitasm on 23-Jul-2017 23:19 (16 replies)
Pages ... 2

Begging for petrol money around service stations
Created by LesF, last reply by mattwnz on 23-Jul-2017 23:13 (45 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

Best LED downlight? single LED chip or Multiple? (same wattage)
Created by fatjoez, last reply by richms on 23-Jul-2017 22:50 (3 replies)

Monitored Alarm Recommendation for Auckland
Created by BLazeD, last reply by BLazeD on 23-Jul-2017 22:42

Two storey windows (higher than ladder) cleaning
Created by davidcole, last reply by Journeyman on 23-Jul-2017 22:28 (13 replies)

Fitting an alarm system to a Gen 2 Model X Leaf
Created by daparrot, last reply by daparrot on 23-Jul-2017 22:27

Crown Fibre renamed, to build water, road as well
Created by DarkShadow, last reply by Scott3 on 23-Jul-2017 22:26 (1 reply)

Good OBDII unit for Leaf
Created by daparrot, last reply by daparrot on 23-Jul-2017 22:25

NVIDIA Quadro K2200 Graphics Cards
Created by sonyxperiageek, last reply by arcon on 23-Jul-2017 22:12 (11 replies)

Veon tv. Ready for DVB-T or DVB-S
Created by Bennyb86, last reply by hyperman on 23-Jul-2017 22:10 (5 replies)

WTD - programmer (in case you have and do not need it)
Created by RUKI, last reply by RUKI on 23-Jul-2017 22:09

VDSL Performance & Tuning
Created by SamF, last reply by hio77 on 23-Jul-2017 22:08 (4120 replies)
Pages ... 273 274 275

Changes to DLM Incoming - ADSL & VDSL
Created by hio77, last reply by hio77 on 23-Jul-2017 22:05 (470 replies)
Pages ... 30 31 32