After reading about Mauricio's switch over to WxC for VoIP phone service, and after doing some background work to learn more about number porting as well as the recent mail out from TCL of porting number to InHome phone service without changing number, all this got me reassess my decision that I made in Oct 2006 of switching from Telecom to TCL with 2 numbers per line.

Have a read at my blog entry, basically I don't want to have 4 numbers coming to our 2 lines... ideally, we just need 2 numbers - old Telecom numbers.

The complication that we have at the moment is that we still have lots of contacts using our old numbers; whenever we made a call, it is showing our TCL numbers, which can be very confusing; we value our old Telecom numbers that we cannot give it up regardless.

However to get it all up and running, seems like I have to have the old Telecom numbers reactivated on Telecom, then port them over to TCL again...

Telecom is happy to reactivate the numbers free of charge, however I don't know what terms and contract that I may be binded. A staff at TCL is currently looking into this request for me, I'm just awaiting for his call back (which I hope soon!!! I need my lunch!)

As to you all, does anyone of you have any idea or suggestion with the topic/discussion?