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#152286 22-Sep-2014 16:26
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I have just switched from ADSL with Home Phone to UFB with Home Phone.  I have difficulty comprehending the incompetence of Vodafone in managing this change.
1.  Despite being a broadband, phone and mobile customer for the past 10+ years, I was treated as a new customer.  They needed to carry out a credit check - unbelievable!  All correspondence and brochures were worded as though I were a new customer.
2.  The email with Order Summary attached was correct - it showed the $10 On Account Mobile discount, the correct total $75 and a list of the correct names and numbers for my 5 BestMates.
3.  Two days later I received another email "Good News - We've validated your On Account Mobile details to receive your $10 discount.  This means you'll pay the discounted monthly fee below".  However, the monthly fee shown was $85, not the discounted amount.  After phoning Vodafone I was told to ignore the fee shown in this email.
4.  Then I received a Welcome Pack by post.  This contained an interesting statement - Please note: Your first bill is likely to be more than usual as it includes a part-charge for your first month plus a full month of charges for the first month.  I have yet to see what this bill will look like but I await it with interest.
5.  I also received an SMS from Vodafone saying that as my property was a ROW the installation would be delayed until I received resource consent and I would need to get approval from my neighbours.  This is absolute rubbish, it is simply a back section with my own private driveway.  I contacted Chorus who commented that this was common with Vodafone who seemed  look on a city plan or maybe just Google Maps, and saw a back section, they automatically assumed ROW.  Chorus carried out the site survey as scheduled and installed the fibre on the scheduled day.  It was connected the following day after they found the correct port in the exchange.
6.  I had already configured the Home Hub and was able to access the Internet and use phones immediately.
7.  I then picked up emails through Outlook and 3 of the mailboxes were fine, but the primary mailbox failed with an invalid logon.  I tried using Vodafone Webmail with the same result.  I tried to access My Vodafone using my previous Username/Password to check the mailboxes but could not logon.  I then tried following the instructions for new customers in the Vodafone Welcome Guide and tried to logon to Customer Zone using my Account Number but had no password supplied by Vodafone and I had not selected one as was implied in the Welcome Guide.  So, a call to Vodafone.  I was given a password verbally.  If it had been emailed I might have understood and not copied it down incorrectly.  I certainly was not One that I would have selected. 
8.  This is when I learned that because I had switched to UFB, which as far as I am concerned is just another connection technology, my account on the Vodafone system that I had been using, together with the primary mailbox, had been closed.  Duh!!!  I would need to create a new profile in what was described as the Clearnet system.  However, this was not working and was being investigated.  I had already used up 4 of my 5 logon attempts before the account was blocked according to Vodafone, so I gave up on this issue.
9.  Two hours later I received a phone call to check email and this was now working. 
10.  Next day I was still unable to access My Vodafone/Customer Zone, but My Customer/Broadband and Home Phone was available with my ADSL account logon, the mailboxes were listed, but I was unable to find any details of BestMates.
11.  Another phone call to Vodafone and this time I was connected to the Business Help Desk where I got good advice.  Contrary to previous advice, I did not need to create a new profile but I could find nowhere to set up mailboxes and I was told that the limit on the "Clearnet" system was only 5 before additional fees.  I have yet to follow up on this.   It appears that my existing and mailboxes will remain on the previous system and if I ever discover how to set up mailboxes on the "Clearnet" system I will likely need to access Webmail on each system when staying in hotels.
12.  Once I had logged on the Customer Zone, I discovered that somehow Vodafone had attempted to transfer my 5 BestMates.  Only problem was only 3 of the numbers were populated, these had the wrong names associated with them and they had an effective date of 29/8/2014, which based on Vodafone's rules of only allowing a number to be changed once a month, prevented me from making changes.  I have just spend 60 minutes on hold on this problem and eventually sent an email.
13.  The Welcome Pack is totally inadequate for changing from ADSL to UFB.  It does not mention any differences between the systems, nor what happens to existing Mailboxes and BestMates.
After only 2 days, compared to ADSL, the connection appears to be reliable, the Upload speed is good at 10Mbps, the Download speed varies between 5Mbps (Slower) and 25Mbps (Faster).  For some reason, presumably know to someone at Vodafone, existing customers are being moved to the Clearnet system when they change to UFB.  When I phone some Vodafone numbers (from their Website) I get asked if I am a previous TelstraClear customer.  It is obvious that the systems are still running in parallel and causing confusion within Vodafone.
If I had to do this again, I would retire my mailboxes in advance and probably sign up with another company for UFB. 
It is even a bigger problem for those customers on ADSL with the My Sky package.  This is not sold by Vodafone with UFB, instead getting the Vodafone TV package, with a different recorder which doesn't support remote control with a Smartphone App.
Others may have had a better experience, they cannot all be this bad, I would hope.

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  #1133849 22-Sep-2014 16:26
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Hello... Our robot found some keywords in your post, so here is an automated reply with some important things to note regarding broadband speeds.



If you are posting regarding DSL speeds please check that



- you have reset your modem and router



- your PC (or other PCs in your LAN) is not downloading large files when you are testing


- you are not being throttled by your ISP due to going over the monthly cap



- your tests are always done on an ethernet connection to the router - do not use wireless for testing



- you read this topic and follow the instructions there.



Make sure you provide information for other users to help you. If you have not already done it, please EDIT your post and add this now:



- Your ISP and plan



- Type of connection (ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL)



- Your modem DSL stats (do not worry about posting Speedtest, we need sync rate, attenuation and noise margin)



- Your general location (or street)



- If you are rural or urban



- If you know your connection is to an exchange, cabinet or conklin



- If your connection is to a ULL or wholesale service



- If you have done an isolation test as per the link above



Most of the problems with speed are likely to be related to internal wiring issues. Read this discussion to find out more about this. Your ISP is not intentionally slowing you down today (unless you are on a managed plan). Also if this is the school holidays it's likely you will notice slower than usual speed due to more users online.



A master splitter is required for VDSL2 and in most cases will improve speeds on DSL connections. Regular disconnections can be a monitored alarm or a set top box trying to connect. If there's an alarm connected to your line even if you don't have an alarm contract it may still try to connect so it's worth checking.



I recommend you read these two blog posts:



- Is your premises phone wiring impacting your broadband performance? (very technical)



- Are you receiving a substandard ULL ADSL2+ connection from your ISP?

I am the Geekzone Robot and I am here to help. I am from the Internet. I do not interact. Do not expect other replies from me.

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  #1134684 23-Sep-2014 16:21
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hmm this seems to mirror what emails etc we are getting currently.


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Uber Geek

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  #1135049 23-Sep-2014 22:41
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wigwam3: Others may have had a better experience, they cannot all be this bad, I would hope.

I wouldn't count on it.. every time I make a change, even a minor one, to my account TCL/Vodafone seem to stuff it up. I can honestly say I don't recall a single instance of changing anything on my account (plan, etc) that didn't result in painful calls to the callcenter, or a PM to a TCL/Vodafone rep on here. I had hopes Vodafone would be better than TCL when they brought them out but those were soon dashed.

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  #1135197 24-Sep-2014 08:07
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I did submit a complaint to Vodafone/TCL and received a call back yesterday afternoon.  The outstanding issues were resolved, although with Bestmates they were unable to backdate the Effective Date to when I last made a change and all numbers are locked for another month.  I still think many of the issues could have been prevented with better information of what would happen to my account with a change to UFB. 
The concept of Ultra Fast has escaped me.  I ran many iterations of Speedtest last evening and again this morning and I am struggling to get above 5Mbps download and 3Mbps upload.  So, my download speed has effectively halved compared to what I was getting on ADSL.  I did get 25Mps down and 10Mps up just after the fibre was installed on Saturday morning, so maybe I have been throttled back for complaining.  Either that, or there was a light load in the network on Saturday and under normal loading the network is incapable of supporting anywhere near what is being sold.

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Uber Geek

  #1135204 24-Sep-2014 08:21
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Are your speed tests over wifi? This could lead to the poor results.

Although, I agree, we have had numerous problems dealing with Vodafone and their multitude of different backend systems etc. Most of the time it feels like the call centre staff don't know how it works, either, which gets frustrating. Sometimes you get through to someone who 'gets' it, though, and things go well.

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Ultimate Geek

  #1136382 24-Sep-2014 11:19
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I would also like to chime in on the Vodafone experience. I made the first call 2 months ago to Vodafone to get Fibre installed and a change of address. My god. It was a debacle. I think I would have spent over 10 hours on the phone explaining the same thing time and time again. In the end it was NikT and TimA on these forums who got things done. I now finally as of yesterday have a install date. The list of things that went wrong are huge. I was disconnected from calls while on hold for 30+ mins at least 4 times. It took nearly a week to get my address changed. They could not connect Sky until my address had been changed. They submitted the wrong order. They failed to return calls on most occasions. The wait times. They had to cancel the order and re-submit it when something went wrong. I got sent 11 txt messages yesterday all saying the same thing about my fibre install. My single driveway, standalone house got labeled a multi dwelling unit. While waiting for the install Vodafone changed their 100/50 plan to 100/20, I manged to get the plan I originally ordered put back on my account.

There was more that went wrong but I think the point has been made. Vodafone need to do some serious work with their customer service team. They should just clone NikT and TimA, the only people that got things done.

To be honest, my confidence is Vodafone is so low that I now expect everything to go wrong at every stage. My install date is next week, I guess I will see then what else can go wrong. Without Nik and Tim, Vodafone would have lost a customer.

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  #1136520 24-Sep-2014 13:51
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Hi InPhinity.  The tests were over WiFi so I'll run more tests using a laptop over WiFi and Cat5 cable for a comparison.  However, I agree that although the performance may drop off a bit over Wifi, I would not expect much difference given I am using 300Mbps and that would not explain why the speed would be slower compared to my ADSL over WiFi, unless the Huawei Home Hub is a dog.  I have checked for good signal and competing signals using InSSIDer3 and that all looks good, there are no errors showing under WLan on the Home Hub.  It will be difficult to route Cat5 to where I need it if that is the solution.  Maybe I can try a Wireless Access Point rather than use WiFi from the Home Hub.


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  #1137504 25-Sep-2014 14:07
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I followed Inphinity's suggestion that the problem was wifi related and sure enough, it was.  I consistently got 30/10Mbps with Ethernet cable connect to the Home Hub but results were all over the place with wifi, even when close to the Hub.  I reconfigured by old TP-Link TD-W8968 adsl modem router in Wireless Access Mode cabled it to an Enternet port on the Home Hub, turned off wireless on the Home Hub and I now get consistently 30/10Mbps Speedtest results anywhere in the house.

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#1137695 25-Sep-2014 17:42
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Funniest thing happened today.  I just received an email titled "Vodafone Leavers Survey".  They want to know why I left their service and what they can do to improve their service so that hopefully I will become a customer once again.  Given that I am still a customer (probably only for 12 months) I guess the simple answer is "Don't make such a fiasco out of a change from ADSL to UFB".  Why does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing?  For that matter, why is there a need for a left and right hand?

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Uber Geek

  #1137738 25-Sep-2014 18:49
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There are third parties involved in the process - Vodafone don't do the installations themselves.

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  #1137759 25-Sep-2014 19:31
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Chorus did a good job.  It was Vodafone that didn't know what they were doing.  They cancelled by account on one system and opened another account on one of their other systems. 

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Ultimate Geek

  #1137788 25-Sep-2014 20:23
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Was looking at changing from Spark ADSL to Vodafone UFB, but this is not what I want to hear.

Hope this is not a common problem with them.

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  #1137828 25-Sep-2014 20:56
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If you are changing from Spark to Vodafone, then you are expecting a new account and changes.  My concerns have really been surprises because I haven't been changing ISP's.  It is just that Vodafone treat it as such. 

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