Do we have anyone else here with an unhealthy obsession with sharp, pointy metal things?


I'm just summoning the courage to get an artisan gyuto for the kitchen, which will be painfully sharp. I watched a video of a very similar knife being used by someone with some serious knife skills and was wincing all the way through, just waiting for one of his fingers to end up on the board.


I can only say that those stories of Samurai cutting people in half in one stroke are likely to be 100% true if they were wielding metre long blades with similar sharpness. The knife was so sharp that the weight of the blade alone was making it fall through the food just about.


I have a number of nice German knives and some French ones, along with a Santoku. I don't much like the Santoku; the blade is too tall and the tip too thick, so there is a lot of stiction on wet foods and doing things like whipping the tip horizontally through onions as part of dicing them is not easy, even though the edge is quite keen.


Just wondered if anyone else had ventured down this particular rabbit hole?