This is rather a plea for help since both Dlink and Widcomm (now Broadcom) don't seem to want to help me.

To cut a long story short I bought a second hand USB Bluetooth adaptor, a DLink DBT-120, hardware revision B1, and a generic Bluetooth headset to allow my wife to talk to her friends and relatives through Google Talk untethered. Installing the drivers for the DBT-120 that came with it does not include the headset profile and is thus no use. Installing the much newer drivers on the Dlink apparently does allow the DBT-120 to communicate with headsets, but requires a security code to be entered during install, apparently a result of licensing the Widcomm/Broadcom bluetooth stack.

Not having this security code (there's not one on the CD or its sleeve) I went to the Broadcom page where you can get another one, assuming you're fine with giving up a bunch of your personal details so that can presumably spam you later. Unfortunately entering the "BD Address" as they call it (which would appear to be the MAC address as far as I can determine according to everything I've read) results in the website sulking that it's not a real BD Address and thus not generating a code. The BD address is printed on the DBT-120 and is also visible when using the older drivers through Computer Management.

I have emailed Broadcom several times now, but have been ignored every time. I tried Dlink and they were useless too (they only response I've had was to ask when I bought it), so I'm running out of options. I found a old link to a site called JonsGuides where they used to have instructions on how to circumvent the stupid security code (who puts a security code on DRIVERS anyway? If I didn't own their hardware, why on earth would I need their drivers?!) but Broadcom apparently leant on them and they took the instructions down.

I don't wish to cause any trouble for Geekzone or anyone on here, but if anyone can assist me, even by PM, I really appreciate it. I'm not asking for "warez" or trying to rip anyone off, I just want to use something I legitimately bought for it's actual purpose! The security code causing me grief is supposedly free to anyone with the hardware (and is somehow generated using the MAC address of the hardware so another person's code is of no use) but Broadcom aren't supplying one and without it I can't install the new drivers (if I use a random code it doesn't detect the DBT-120).

So... any bright ideas?