It was suggested to me on the Plex Forums to share my own XMLTV I have released there on Geekzone, so that more people are able to see it and use it.


This is data sourced directly from Freeview, with a bit of magic thrown in to give it more metadata for a richer experience. It was designed for Plex DVR, but as it follows XMLTV standards, it should work for any other PVR.


Features of this XMLTV:


- Automatically matches posters to shows, with posters being sourced from TheTVDB, IMDB, TVNZ, ThreeNow, HGTV and Choice TV. I am planning to add SKY Go (and potentially Maori TV) as sources. If a match is not found, a placeholder image is used.


- Searches for season and episode numbers and uses XMLTV numbering for them if found. If a show does not have a season or episode number, it will default to using the first date the script saw it (the script has been running since May)


- Adds ratings, actors and directors to movies


- Goes ahead 7 days


- Has all Freeview certified channels, plus Prime PLUS 1.




You can use the URL to get this guide, it is updated around 2 am every morning.




Current Issues:


- Some Mediaworks movies (Bravo + Three) are misidentified. This is because Mediaworks does not label movies differently (like TVNZ, Maori TV, etc.) and some of them do not contain the year in the description.


- Some shows may be misidentified. It is possible for me to manually fix posters on certain shows, so let me know if this is an issue!




If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know, and I will be happy to help.