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Master Geek

# 19401 15-Feb-2008 09:49
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After upgrading to a "proper" 1.1.3 via ZiPhone 2.0 I made the following changes to my iPhone for Vodafone NZ:

See end of this post for a zip containing all files for fixes mentioned. They've already been patched/edited for you and just have to be uploaded to your phone.

***We have now added these fixes to Installer!! It is now easier than ever to apply these fixes to your iPhone. See this post.***
(See for details).

1) Fixed CallerID: Incoming calls and text messages will now be recognised if the number is in your contacts.

2) Fixed iPhones phone number formatting (Contact's phone numbers, unrecognised numbers, dialing out): To go along with the CallerID fix I also edited the nz section in my UIPhoneFormats.plist
so that numbers in your contacts, unrecognised numbers received, dialed numbers are all formatted correctly.

3) Added Carrier bundle for Vodafone NZ:
I have just finished putting together a proper Carrier bundle for Vodafone NZ. What this means is that you get a Vodafone Logo (I have created 2 versions "Full" & "Mini" and retained the original text-only version - you can create your own logos to use):

Vodafone Carrier Logo

... and also, this bundle adds a new Services menu for Vodafone NZ under Settings->Phone ... it's not much but it just means it that Vodafone NZ is now set up as a proper carrier in the iPhone. I won't insert an image of the menu here but you can view it here.

I should add: THIS IS ~NOT~ AN OFFICIAL VODAFONE NZ BUNDLE! - I have created this myself based on the existing bundles.

I have updated the zip file with the new Carrier bundle and added some instructions on how to upload and configure it. BEWARE: You need to know how to SSH in to your phone and run commands via the command line.

4) Removed Annoying
"Call Forwarding Active" Message: Edited carrier.plist file to get rid of the annoying "Call Forwarding Active" message that pops up when making or receiving a call - found in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/Unknown.bundle/ (just change ShowCallForwarded and ShowCallForwarding values to false)

*** nzbullet has very kindly supplied some more great hacks (love the NZ Maps icon one!): ***

5) Set "Voicemail" Button to Call Vodafone Voicemail: As Vodafone doesn't have Visual Voicemail like AT&T, we can make use of that otherwise redundant button by making it call 707 when pushed!

6) "" Keyboard: Replace .com on your keyboard with "" or "".
7) NZ Icon for "": Change the maps icon to be more "nz friendly" Tongue out

8) Replace Blank "Edge" Status Icon: In NZ we get a blank blue box when connected to GPRS. Here's some alternative icons.

IMPORTANT: iBrickr/iFuntastic/iPhoneBrowser FIX:
If you plan on using either iBrickr, iFuntastic or iPhoneBrowser to upload these files to your phone then you will need to install the "
Ziphone iBrickr Fix". This adds the AFC2 support which is lacking in the ziPhone jailbreak tool. If you are going to use an SFTP client then you don't need to do this - you would only need to install OpenSSH from Installer.

1) Go to installer and add this source: http//
2) Click the "install" button in Installer and scroll to "Unlocking Tools" and download and install the "Ziphone iBrickr Fix"
3) Once complete, exit installer and reboot youriPhone.

When you plug your iPhone in you will now have file access through iBrickr/iFuntastic/iPhoneBrowser

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Ultimate Geek


  # 110793 15-Feb-2008 12:00
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Thanks for the tips, especially the "Call Forwarding Active" message.

Note: My thoughts and comments are my own and not of anyone else including my employer

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Master Geek

  # 110795 15-Feb-2008 12:20
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nzbullet: Thanks for the tips, especially the "Call Forwarding Active" message.

No problem :) Still have to get around to applying your keyboard fix at some stage Tongue out

Just an update on the above regarding the need for on IPSF unlocked phones... I can confirm it is no longer needed!

I had read in a couple of forums where people had run anySim1.3 over the top of IPSF. I knew that phones unlocked with anySim1.3 didn't have the same issue with Signal loss on reboot or sim swap as IPSF unlocked phones do. AnySim1.3 patches the baseband to make the necessary AT commands that was doing.

Anyway, I just tried this on my OTB1.1.1 (3.9BL) IPSF unlocked phone and I now have signal with out the need for Here's what I did:

1) Restored to 1.1.3 in iTunes
2) Ran ZiPhone 2.1 (OS X GUI version) with following options checked:
- Jailbreak
- Activate
- Unlock (NB: Even though the unlock option says for 4.6BL only you'll see in Zibri's blog that he has updated it for 3.9. You can also see it in the readme.)

That's all - after the phone restarted I had signal straight away. Then I tested:
Signal after reboot? YES
Signal after sim swap? YES

I had previously run ZiPhone 2.0 with just the Jailbreak and Activate options set as I knew my phone was already unlocked with IPSF. But I was having issues with causing the phone to occasionally vibrate endlessly on boot and it was a nuisance to run manually. So I decided to give this a go as I knew I could always restore to undo the unlock part. is no longer needed :)

A word of caution - please make sure you know what you're doing before attempting any software hacks on your iPhone!


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Ultimate Geek


  # 110797 15-Feb-2008 12:35
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So has that now got rid of IPSF on your iPhone or just patched the nessecary files to get it working properly?

Either way it is good to know that no matter how it was unlocked (AnySim or IPSF) ZiPhone deals with it. I will by trying ZiPhone when I get home. Just have to back up my custom files first.

Note: My thoughts and comments are my own and not of anyone else including my employer

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Master Geek

  # 110803 15-Feb-2008 12:50
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nzbullet: So has that now got rid of IPSF on your iPhone or just patched the nessecary files to get it working properly?

It's only patched the baseband. Unfortunately it doesn't reverse the IPSF unlock - I wish it did! Smile Reversal of the IPSF unlock cannot be done without prior NOR dump or secpack/seczone cache. The IPSF guys didn't tell you this when you paid $60+ to unlock your phone!

For those that haven't restored since running IPSF they may be able to grab the seczone cache off their phones and reverse it. Otherwise you're sh*t out of luck which is where I sit Tongue out

I've tried numerous times to get hold of IPSF and see if they took backups of seczones when the process ran but I've had no response...

Either way - you're right ZiPhone deals with what ever FW, BB, BL, UNLOCK you have.

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Master Geek

  # 110839 15-Feb-2008 18:18
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I just got PM'd these questions - thought I'd answer them here in case others have the same questions:

Q1: Does upgrading/restoring to 1.1.3 in itunes upgrade the BL to 4.6?? Or does Ziphone unlock both BLs?

A: iTunes does not upgrade your BL (bootloader) - it is believed it never will as the process is very risky and can permanently brick your phone if something goes wrong. Yes, Ziphone can unlock either BLs.

Q2 - Part 1: I have a 1.0.2 otb upgraded to 1.1.1 > 1.1.2 and back to 1.1.1 currently. Can I just upgrade to 1.1.3 in itunes (straight from 1.1.1? or 1.1.2 first then up?) and then run the latest Ziphone?

A: If you've been unlocked on 1.1.1 then you have obviously already re-viginized (I'm guessing your unlock is AnySIM from you next question) in the past so yes, you can go straight to 1.1.3 from any version. It must be a "restore" though as you need to start with a fresh phone.

Q2 - Part 2: Or do I need to upgrade to 1.1.3, ziphone for jail and activate then use 1.1.3AnySim??

A: You would simply "restore" to 1.1.3 (not upgrade) and then run ZiPhone 2.1 with all 3 Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock options set. No need to use AnySim1.3. The 3.9 unlock is built in now.

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Ultimate Geek


  # 110845 15-Feb-2008 19:06
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OK so after running ZiPhone which worked really well, I set-up my iPhone from a previous back up I had so I didn't have to mess around (thinking it would be easier) and guess what. It doesn't work, when it restarted it sat on the Apple logo with the spinning circle (you know the apple spinning thing - not the beach ball though, the other one) and vibrated twice every 3-5 seconds. I have restored and run ZiPhone again which has fixed it, but just as a word of advice, set your iPhone up as a new one and not from a previous back-up. This may not always happen and it may just be something with mine but there is always that chance.

I also noticed both times I restored to 1.1.3 via iTunes my iPhone still had the Voda signal in the corner (picture below), the first time I just ran ZiPhone with Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock checked and let it do it's thing (no problems all was good). The second time I did it without the Unlock checked and it is still unlocked. So in short if you have Voda signal after a restore to 1.1.3 you don't need to re-unlock when running ZiPhone. HOW COOL IS THAT! My second go after the restore only took 45 seconds because of this!

UPDATE: Piksel suggests (and I agree) this is due to the fact that I already have the latest Baseband, so when iTunes does the restore it checks to see what BB I have and if it is the newest does nothing to it because it thinks it doesn't need to. If I had an older unlocked basband then it would have probably wiped the unlock.

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Master Geek

  # 110848 15-Feb-2008 19:30
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Thanks for those answers Piksel!

And thanks to NZ Bullet for your comments too, you both are a great help to all!

Could someone please upload their UIPhoneFormats.plist that has been edited?? That would be great!

About to try this all now, upgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 (or should I say restoring to 1.1.3).

Will let you all know anything I find or encounter.


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Master Geek

  # 110851 15-Feb-2008 20:31
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Daneger: Could someone please upload their UIPhoneFormats.plist that has been edited??

Hey Daneger - glad we could help. I'm getting a few requests for these files so I've updated my first post with a link to all the files required to perform the fixes.

Good luck with the update! :)

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Ultimate Geek


  # 110852 15-Feb-2008 20:40
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Hey Piksel,
You beat me to it, I was just starting to zip the files up Laughing. Anyway that's an awesome zip file mate and awesome Readme.txt. Now everyone in NZ can get the most out of their iPhone's and do it easily, so thanks. If you want me to host a copy as well I can just let me know (PM me).

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Master Geek

  # 110857 15-Feb-2008 21:01
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AAARGH, ok so not going to well.

Restore to 1.1.3 has gone perfect.

BUT the only version of Ziphone I could get was the very latest 2.2!

Now when I try to Unlock/Jailbreak/Activate I get:

"Loading zibri.dat.
Wrong zibri.dat version !
Go get the full archive at"

Can someone some how help me locate a link to download 2.0 - its seems it has just dissapeared from existence! Now I am sitting here with my unactivated phone and would like to get this sorted!!

Is it possible someone could upload to here? 

I am WINDOWS by the way.

459 posts

Ultimate Geek


  # 110859 15-Feb-2008 21:06
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The 2.0 version can be got here. DON'T use version 2.1 though as it doesn't work properly and your iPhone won't reboot and you will have to restore. I would also suggest trying to restore again and use the 2.2 version. It's up to you though

57 posts

Master Geek

  # 110860 15-Feb-2008 21:09
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Thanks for that Bullet - downloading that now.

EDIT: This download is incredibly slow!! Going to take 40 minutes..

I hope its nothing to do with using Vista! Will report back, thanks for the help guys - fingers crossed I can sort this tonight..

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Master Geek

  # 110863 15-Feb-2008 21:17
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nzbullet: DON'T use version 2.1 though as it doesn't work properly and your iPhone won't reboot and you will have to restore.

What was the issue with 2.1? Was it just the Windows version?

I'm on a Mac and found ziPhone v2.1 (OS X) worked fine for me except for the Zibri WebClip it creates which I had to go in and remove manually (not a biggie) as it was preventing me from adding new WebClips. Zibri mentions this issue about 2.1 on his blog.

For the Mac users... I just downloaded 2.2 and ran it (without phone connected) and it got past the dat file integrity check so may just be a problem with Window version.

Sorry that's not much help for you Daneger but nzbullet is on to it with the alternative link :P

459 posts

Ultimate Geek


  # 110865 15-Feb-2008 21:22
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When I was using 2.1 for some reason after I deleted the Zibri webclip and restarted the iPhone it just sat at the spinning apple loading icon with the Apple logo in the background, then it would vibrate twice every couple of seconds. I actually said about this in a previous post but I thought it was because of using a back-up of an old phone, appears it may not have been that at all and something to do with the webclip, mind you, you did say you used 2.1 and it was fine so.... Anyway I'm on a mac and 2.2 worked fine, so I'm happy with that.

57 posts

Master Geek

# 110866 15-Feb-2008 21:25
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Thanks piksel - you have been a great help regardless..

I beleive the issue with the Windows version was with the phone getting caught in a continuous loop so was updated to 2.2 - but this is the version I have just tried and can not seem to get it to go without saying its the wrong version Frown

Still waiting on my download for 2.0 - only 43% complete after almost 20 minutes?

Hopefully this will solve my issue and possibly any problems windows users face at a some stage with 2.2. also..

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