I haven't used SKY GO much, but lately because the programmes I want to catch up on are not listed in the ON DEMAND section, I've attempted to use it which has proved to be a little frustrating and I wonder whether others have experienced the same?


The programme is "Braquo" series 4 which is on Rialto Channel. I missed the first two episodes and there's not much point in watching the rest until I've caught up. Logging in to Sky Go and finding the programme, I was presented with a box demanding the parental control key. After putting in all the keys I usually use, I couldn't get past that screen, so I went to "My Account" and turned off the parental lock. Even after clearing the browser cache and history that had no effect. So I reset the pin which generates an email message which when clicked allows you to put in a new pin. Clearing my browser cache again and logging in again, the parental lock screen came up and accepted the pin and the episode played.


Unfortunately halfway through, I was interrupted, so I thought I'd watch the rest of it the next day. Exactly the same situation occurred, the lock screen came up... wouldn't accept the pin I'd used the day before and I had to reset it. Watching the next episode made me jump through the same set of hoop again. I'm using Mozilla Firefox on a Windows10 PC, but got the same result with MS Edge. The parental lock in "My Account" says it is turned off and allows me to change the pin using the previous pin.


It appears to me that that there is disconnect between the "My Account" information and the SKY GO player.


As an aside, it annoys me that the "Catch-up" programs aren't integrated with the "On Demand" so that they can be downloaded to the MySky box. Often it is two or three episodes in when you discover a series and some time if ever before the whole box set is re-screened. On Demand should be that if you are subscribed to a channel, all previous episodes of a currently screening series should be available for download and viewing.