Here is Worlds First SMS Software for Nokia CDMA Phones which is Absolutely Free

It was Developed by myself After so many Testing in CDMA 1x RTT Network

I offer this Package to everybody in this Forum

The Link for the Software is as Below

Handsets Supported via DKU2 or CA-53 Cables are

Nokia 6235, 6255, 6256, 6265, 2865, 6275, 6155, 6165, 3155

Handsets Supported via Blue tooth 1.1

Nokia 6255, 6256, 6265, 6275, 2865

BlueTooth Software Supports are Blue tooth Connection is Preferred over Cable Connection

1. Microsoft Default BT Stack (5 Star Support)
2. WidComm Version 5 (4 Star Support)
3. Blue-Soleil Version 1.6 or 2.3 (3 Star Support)

Platform Support

1. CDMA PDU Mode - Supported
2. GSM PDU Mode - Not Supported
3. GSM Text Mode - Not Supported

How to Install & Run it

1. Just download and install the .msi file from web page,
2. Run the Application for the First time
3. Go to Connection and Detect Phone
4. Save the Phones by Click Save bised Detected Phones
5. Go to Setting and Review which Option do you Like
6. I had Tested the Version and it can Simulteniously Send SMS via 5 Handsets with Bluetooth.
7. For Multiple Bluetooth Mobile on same HP-SMS Server I recommend (Microsoft BT or BlueSoleil)
8. Set the Regional Date Setting to m/d/yy (Default) I am working on to sort out this Issue

or Create a New User in XP with atleast Single Character Password, Then Modify the shortcut of HPSMS-Server go to Advance, Tick the Option (Run with Different Credential) and Save on every time u start the Application it will ask for User name and password and the software will run as per the Profile provided by User name / Password

Tricks for Faster SMS Sending

1. Now Send the SMS at the Speed 60 SMS / Minute, 6 Times faster than GSM and 4 Time Faster than CDMA
2. The Trick is Just make to a Call to your CDMA Handset from Any Phone, Accept the Call on Handset and Keep it on.
3. Then Using HPSMS-Server Software Just Start Sending the SMS while the Handset is on call this will send the SMS at Speed of 60 SMS in One Minute
4. Call should be on while Sending SMS this Will Increase the Speed of SMS it may Incoming call or Outgoing call

Hetal Patel