i purchased a nokia 5300 from parallel imported in june of last year...
started having problems - i.e. some messages not sending and receiving, phone restarting itself, and not holding it's charge.
finally in december the phone would let me turn it on but as soon as i accessed anything to do with the memory - i.e. messages, gallery, contacts it would turn itself off.
took it back to parallel imported - they sent it away and 'reflowed' the phone.
got it back and about a week later started having the same problems again!
took it back to them again, they sent it away and believed there to be no new fault.
they did however replace my charger.
they have now voided my warranty because of a small scratch on the faceplate that they didn't notice the first time i sent it away.
while the phone was being sent away i was using an older nokia model and had a few problems with it restarting itself and people not receiving my messages and vice versa
so i'm wondering if it is possible the fault could be with my sim card?
does anyone know what might be wrong?
am considering buying a new phone from vodafone but don't want to waste my money.

thanks in advance! :)