Hi, I'm about to purchase an iPhone and upgrade from POP email to my own domain name and hosted email server but I'm confused about how my emails will work with these and MS Outlook on my laptop. I currently use POP email and find it useful to have my emails on my laptop as i can access them when I can't be online. I won't use my iPhone for email very often so won't have a data plan and was planning to sync with my laptop using the cable. Some questions:
1. Under IMAP or Exchange can I copy the emails to MS Outlook on my laptop like I do now? 
2. If I reply from MS Outlook do I see the sent item in the email server or do I have to reply from the server?
3. When I use my iPhone to check emails will it download the emails that I have already copied/read on my laptop? 
4.  Or does it automatically sync back to the email server when I read and reply to the email.
5. Can I sync my iPhone with my laptop (contacts, calendar etc)  or does that confuse everything?
Any help would be great thanks.