I am using Nokia 6255 CDMA on Reliance network.
I use Pocket PC with Windows Mobile as O/S.

I use Bluetooth to connect internet on pocket pc using this phone. I am able to connect internet in pocket pc using nokia 6255 via Bluetooth without any AT command.

The problem that I face is if the connection ends abruptly or gets disconnected on its own then I cannot re- connect again for a longer period of time, sometimes it take days.... but I just figured out that if I use the phone with my laptop using USB device & then if I use it again with Pocket pc then it works. Is this problem because I am not using any AT command?
My pocket pc does not accept this command "at+crm=1;+cso=33".

Can you pls help me to know if I need to use any AT command to enable internet on pocket pc via Bluetooth using Nokia 6255?

Thanks Amit