So I was pondering after some poor golf, that rather than having generic sport on the screens in the clubhouse it would be cool to have an almost live view of parts of the actual golf course. The clubhouse is the highest point and you can see quite a lot of golf being played (if your eyes a good enough). However I was thinking what would it take to do?


Have some kind of telescope with an HDMI output, all the screens have chromecasts I think. Ideally the telescope could move at defined intervals and points, IE once a group moved off a green it would move elsewhere, to a tee perhaps. I know at some famous courses you can have access to a similar sort of thing online, IE you can control a camera above the 18th green at St Andrews in Scotland for a minute at a time.


The easiest way would be just use my DSLR and plug it directly into the nearest TV, but the 200mm lens can't reach all of the holes. 


Thoughts? Pipe dream? Cost a ridiculous amount so may as well be a pipe dream?