My Samsung S3 Chromebook is 2.5 years old has begun to have screen flashing issues (I presume it's a cable somewhere in the hinges). Everything else is still going strong with battery life still 5+ hours off charger. 

Decided to order a new Chromebook and looking at the options came across the Asus Chromebook Flip, is a pretty decent looking option for $260 USD for the 4GB Ram option.

So far it has good reviews around the web with the main drawback seeming to be the lack of apps on the Chrome ecosystem, which i'm already used to and adjusted for. The other criticism mostly seems to be screen quality related which i'm not too bothered about for the price. 

I'm not sure it will be enough to make Chromebooks mainstream in NZ but there is definitely a increase in innovation and models available in recent years in the States which will hopefully spread here in time.  

I'm getting it express shipped from Amazon and it should be here Tuesday, surprised no one else has posted about this yet!  

If anyone is interested amazon link here.