Hey guys, introducing our new baby HunchBuzz.

HunchBuzz is an ideas and feedback platform built upon the Open Innovation concept. We enable your organisation to innovate by capturing and developing the best internal and external insights, by working seamlessly in your activity flow.

What makes us different from other innovation and feedback platforms?

  • Hands on - we work with you to develop and understand your issues and challenges, we can help you by managing ideas as they come in.
  • Support - we can provide recommendations on the best ideas for your organisation.
  • Execute – we work with you to create a clear path to success.
  • Services – our belief is that you should have access to the same platform features; weather you are a SME with 10 employees, or a corporate with 10,000.
  • Open innovation – our platform is open, but if you choose you can close it to a select few.
  • Social – we can expose you to over 600,000+ engaged members and with the power of facebook. 
  • Gamification – our engagement tools keep your community engaged, our tools are not just set and forget; our tools are built to keep internal and external engagement consistent. The higher the engagement the more success you will achieve.
  • SME & Enterprise – it doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader or a government enterprise, we have the tools for you.

We are working with a number of customers; our next phase is to work with SME’s. To receive 6 months FREE service; please register your interest here.