Hi All


We have recently bought a new house which has gas water heating. Unfortunately the kitchen is about as far from the heating unit as possible so hot water takes over 30 seconds to arrive at the sink.


I am exploring options and have discovered a couple of plug in under bench hot water cylinders. 


Stiebel Eltron 10L - 1.6Kw & Dux Proflo 25L, 2.4Kw


The benefit of these (as opposed to the usual fixed wire versions) is that they can be plugged into a standard 10ah power socket without the need for a sparky and the cost and complexity of running a new circuit back to the switchboard (which is virtually impossible in my case as the house is on a concrete base).


Has anyone had any experience with either of these units? I have some concerns about the Dux unit as it's current draw is likely to be an issue as it will be sharing a power point with the waste disposal unit.


Any advice would be much appreciated.