Hey guys, I've decided I want to get abs. Not necessarily keep them, just see if I can get them.
Some info
aged 35 male
weight 74ish kg
height 177cm
active job
crossfit 4 or 5 times a week, but not massive weights, think 45max clean 55ish max squat dead etc I know I know light as
Restrictions would be my laziness, prepackaged etc is best
Timeframe I dunno by spring?
Likes/dislikes quite happy with eating the same every day, easier the better
Budget cheap as please

heres my current diet
3 coffees a day with a little milk non negoitable
2 of the following:
muesli and yoghurt
one square meal bar
small tuna and single serve rice cup
tuna and beans in tin

2 bananas throughout the day

chicken or eggs and veges for tea

should I try and drop some carbs or fat? up protein? my main goal is to shred, not fussed about gaining mass I'm just squishy.

Thanks for reading!