In a few weeks I'll be picking up a vehicle from Christchurch for an elderly friend, I'll then drive it back to Dunedin. The friend intends to install a dash cam and replace both the Japanese radio and reversing camera.


She was just going to find a place locally to get the work done but since I fly to Christchurch all the time for business, there is an opportunity for me to try save her a couple of dollars on both the shipping and the equipment she needs to replace. I assume Christchurch must be cheaper than Dunedin for car stuff/wiring.


I'm not much of a car guy, there is a negative percentage of me doing the work for her. So thought I would ask here.


1. Who would you recommend in Christchurch or Dunedin to get the work done?
2. Can I get the three jobs done in the same place? (Dash cam, radio and reverse camera)


I figure I would fly up in the morning, grab the vehicle and take it to the booking(s) and then taxi around to complete my work day as usual. Then I would drive it back for her after the work is done, instead of flying.


Alternatively, if I get good recommendations in Dunedin I can just drive it back for her and save a few hundred and give her the information she needs to save a few dollars on the installs.


What would you recommend?


Thank you.