I recently bought an LG D2542P computer monitor. It supports what LG call "Cinema 3D". 

True to their word, you can view 3D content on it with the same "Real D 3D" glasses you'd wear at Hoyts or other cinema. It comes with "Tri-Def" software that works on Windows to allow 3D viewing of every form of content I've tried with it....and it can also do 2D to 3D "conversion" on the fly as the video plays. It can also play 3D content from Fuji Real 3D camera (via the PC) and my LG 3D Max phone. 

The LG D2542P also supports other input via HDMI. Hmmm......

So today I went to DSE and bought a Philips BDP5200 3D Blu-Ray player with wifi and ethernet - on sale - for $124. The shelf price was $249. 50% off seems pretty good. 

I connected the Philips Blu-ray player to my LG D2542P monitor and changed the input source on the monitor to HDMI. 

I configured the wifi and got it onto the Internet. I connected it to my PC speakers directly vie Line-In and an RCA L/R to 3.5mm cable. 

Within about 5 minutes I was playing a 3D Blu-ray disc on this screen in perfect 3D wearing glasses from the movie theatre. 

Total cost? 

LG D2542P from PB Tech for $412 (GST incl) 
Philips BDP5200 from DSE for $124. 

I have myself a 25"  "3D TV" for $536 all up.

That's defensible to she who must be obeyed. $1699 for 40" version of the LG 3D TV wasn't going to happen...and I'd still have to buy a Blu-ray player.