It seems to be on clearance at the moment, so finally got around to getting me some of it.

Seems to work great, works with the mysky, but I have a couple of questions that I am wondering about other installation methods.

They talk about needing a DC block on the other outputs of the splitter. I have not found these at a reasonable price, they are heaps at jaycar, more than the reciever adapter is on clearance so worst case if I need them I will just get more reciever boxes and not actually put a reciever on them.

Bigger issue is I need to get the signal around the distribution amplifiers, which I was hoping there was a simple bypass kit available that would route the DC around the amp. Not having any luck finding any however.

Also anyone know about running multiple emmitter boxes on the same lot of coaxes? One of my sources is a CCTV quad splitter that is located in an outbuilding with only coax for the RF signal going to it, I would like to be able to change cameras from in the house if possible. If not no biggie. That would be a second emitter box out there, in addition to the one in the house doing at the satillite reciever.