Hi there

We're planning on setting up a new home theatre system and keen to use some wireless arrangement (which we know nothing much about) to get as many media options as possible wirelessly between rooms (i.e. music, TV, blu-ray capabilities etc.)  We went to an appliance shop to ask but all they could offer was the IPod type 'AirPlay' which runs music between rooms, but we don't use Apple.  We're sure there must be more around than this option?

On doing a bit of research we read that something called a 'Remote Extender' is available - is someone please able to explain this to us in regard to getting signals wirelessly elsewhere?

We also read the following:
"A high-quality wireless audio and video transmitterwill send not only video and audio signals to a secondary location, but the signals from the device's remote control as well. Not all transmitters send these more specific signals, forcing users to travel between rooms to change television channels or watch prerecorded television programs. Remote control extenders are available on select models that remove this inconvenience.

"These higher-quality units provide users with two smaller signal transmitters in addition to the larger audio visual units. One small unit must be placed in front of the recording or playback device while the other is placed below the secondary television receiving the signal. Users merely point at the small transmitter below the television and the signal is relayed back to the playback device in the next room."

Would someone please be kind enough to comment on the above?

We plan on getting a Smart TV, Sky, and currently have a bluray for the main lounge, and would have another couple of TVs/audio units or whatever is needed throughout.  We don't want to run cables through walls etc.

Is someone able to recommend an Auckland company which can set all this sort of thing up?

Thanks for any advice