A while back in a thread I started a few people here were looking at options for APUs for upcoming HTPC builds to handle 3D Bluray playback along with other HTPC duties.  At the time, even though Trinity was out, some of the Llano parts looked like a better option because it appeared that in the Trinity lineup you needed an A8 or better to handle it and the Llano prices were much lower.  

Now it looks like a few people have confirmed that the AMD A6-5400K handles 3D bluray playback:


Just thought people might be interested as IMO this makes it good and cost-effective choice for HTPC APU.

EDIT: an additional advantage of this is that the Trinity A6 prices look pretty good, but AMD have also I believe confirmed that the successor to Trinity will also be FM2, so it's not a "dead end" like Llano FM1 now is.