I'm looking for a dirt cheap screen that I will be using in our kitchen for watching TV while cooking dinner, doing dishes etc.  I had been using an old (free) laptop, but that's now died and anyway I'm making greater use of Netflix/Lightbox these days, so something that can take a Chromecast would be better.

Screen resolution isn't really an issue for me.  Max size is about 23", but would accept anything from about 20".  2 x HDMI inputs are a must, as I'l be connecting aChromecast and a Raspberry Pi.  I won't actually be using it for Freeview, so a monitor would potentially work just as well (provided it had HDMI inputs).  VESA mounting would be preferred, so I can mount it on the wall.

So far, the best price I can find is DSE's in-house branded 23.5" TV for $196. Farmers have got a Konka (19" I think) for $179.  Can anyone suggest a better deal (or a better option for the same price)?