Hi All,

 Before getting too carried away,   What size dish do I need to pick up CCTV1 and CCTV4,   not so worried about CCTV9 as this in english and I want the chinese speaking channels.. ? What satelittes do I need to point to?. 

  I think the Chinese channels are on Apstar 6 and I need a  1.8M  dish for that?  Correct?   Are there any chinese channels on Optus D1, I need to get the Freeview channels, but cant see any mention of chinese.    Can I get access both satelittes ?  I think so with a dual LNB?    Correct? ,  I'm in Karori, Wellington and the house already has a sky dish mounted... I was hoping to replace this with a 65 ? 75?cm dish and pick freeview / CCTV.  (not too big as worried about the wind)  Is this possible?

Cheers Murray