Hi there!

My father in law is building a new house, and wants home theatre in his lounge etc. He has the following:

PS3/Xbox360, 60" SXRD Sony RPTV, Poineer AX4AVI-SIS Amp. He wants awesome sound in his lounge which is fully open on the right hand side leading to his living/dining/kitchen. He also wants a speaker or two in the kitchen area, and 2 speakers outside on the deck. We have a recommendation of sonance from one guy, the LCR Ultra 2's and VSR2 for inwall and inceiling surrounds. Revel Concerta B12 Subwoofer. I had not heard of Sonance before, but another guy quoted us OEM thx certified self branded speakers @ 399 for a pair which I thought were too cheap to deliver really good sound. 1st guy quoted us elan theatrepoints as a cheaper option but we don't mind spending the extra for the sonance. I figured we wouldn't need a seperate amp for the kitchen, if the pioneer does multizone. We were quoted $3000 for installation which seems crazy to me, I think it should be half that, would that be right?

Any assistance appreciated!