Hi all,


A couple of months ago I bought a Veon 42 inch LED-LCD Full HD TV (SRO422016) from the warehouse. Pretty happy with it, does the job and I have an Intel ComputeStick plugged into it running Media Portal. No problems.


Tonight however I decided to attach a chrome cast  and although it booted ok, once the backdrop screen came up it starting popping audio, displaying video static and flickering on/off - basically unwatchable. I tried all 3 HDMI ports on the Veon, both my chrome casts (that are working happily on other TVs, a version 1 and version 2) and powered them from the mains adaptor and got similar results each time.


Anyone seen this before? I'm interested to know if its just my Veon or Veons in general that dont play nice with Chrome Casts.