So, after a lot of research in 2016, I purchased from a local retailer, a Steel Series Siberia 800 Wireless Headset. Reviews were universally positive at the time, and it was compatible with the 3 gaming platforms I use, PS4, PC and Xbox One. 


I got them, and found them pretty underwhelming, but we had a few major things happen at once in our household and gaming went out the Window. 


Recently I went away on holiday and took my PS4 with me, and these headphones, and again I was really underwhelmed. The surround was present, but so closed in so it was nearly impossible to determine distance. Over the past few weeks I have tried various different configurations, connections and tests and still wasn't happy with them. I tried Far Cry 5 for Xbox One X connected via Optical, PS4 God of War with both USB and Optical (optical sounds better but still poor).


I decided to try the newer Arctis Pro Headset at another local retailer, and was instantly blown away by how much better they sounded. I mean MILES better, despite being from the same manufacturer. Initially, I thought it might have been placebo so went home and tried the similar configuration to find I still wasn't happy, and now even less happy. Took the headphones into the retailer to compare side by side and the difference was night and day.


I ended up buying the arctis pro and they are amazing. 


I am trying to determine if my headphones are actually faulty. they play sound, and some of it sounds ok, but the headphones sound REALLY dark and super bassy. I saw a few people comparing them online and saying they wouldn't upgrade because the sound was so similar, but my own experience is so different from this. 


Without another pair to compare, I am unsure how to determine if they are supposed to sound like this, or are indeed faulty. 


I imagine if I take them back to the original retailer, they would have the same issue. They physically work, they play sound, it just sounds awful (to me, and the second retailer as well). The second retailer wasn't convinced they were faulty but that the sound signature was just really dark and almost muffled. 




Any thoughts?