Yep as the title says check out

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If you have the beta like i do installed it may remove the H264 part.

But there is hope on the horizon some guy from hong kong is working on support for h264 in vista media center.

"Hi all.
after been blocked here its the prouve below.
Regarding H264 under Moonplayer and MCE.

Here for Moonplayer

here under vista

To make more impact I record a video. And convert in Flash
Now they can t say I trick with pics.
U have Moonplayer and LIVE TV play in the same time "

some people are taking this with a grain of salt as he seems to have spammed the forums a lot lately.

I tried the moonplayer and couldnt get it to use the tuner of my leadtek dtv dongle, but it may work with haupagge cards.

Otherwise its back to the crappy leadtek software which works well with freeview hd but the ui sucks the fat one.

Btw my first post on geekzone long time reader!