"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away blah blah blah"

No heres a weird one

I have a Zalman HD160XT ( the case with the 7'touch screen") and my TV.

I have a XFX 9500Gt with HDMI and DVI out.

I have the HDMI out to the Tv ........super...all is good sound vision the works

I plug in the other screen and


No sound on the TV, but picture on both

SPDIF was working with 1 screen, two screens no

I am gathering spdif is trying to route sound through monitor 2 when i plug it in


No heres the weird one..yesterday it worked when I had the big screen as monitor 2 and the little screen as 1. I have uninstalled the card and reinstalled to no avail...

I have now fixed my issue with POWERDVD playing at 800x600 instead of 1920x 1080 see my other thread


but now no sound

if only life was easy

any ideas??????