Hi All,

In the last few days I have bought a TViX 6500. I'm pretty impressed with it so far. Does anyone else have one of these, What do you think of yours? What bugs/limitations have you found?

I've got some DVDs that are starting to delaminate so need to back them up. What DVD backup software are you using to backup your DVDs to VOBs? I've found that DVD-shrink chokes on some DVDs with CRC errors. I recently tried DVD-Fab which backed up the DVD ok but found that the TViX playback paused for about a second about 10 times during playback of the first movie I backed up with DVDFab. I havn't tried any other DVDs yet so i'm not aure if this is a TViX or DVD-FAB problem. The VOBs seem to play OK on Cyberlink PowerDVD XP.

Anyone using DVD43 with DVD-Shrink? does this cope with CRC errors etc? 

Any comments appreciated.

Regards, Allen.