OK Folks,
I've tried searching the forum all night but, I got a strange one for ya.

I have a HVR-3000 that I'm trying to connect in tandem with my Sky box.  Thus, I went and purchased a splitter and some cable from DSE.

My issue is, when I connect the splitter, I can not reliably receive TV1 and TV2 on the Sky box any more.  This is regardless of whether the HVR-3000 is connected to the other splitter port or not.  All other channels work fine.
Like wise for the PC.  It works without the splitter, but not with.
TV1 and TV2 look like the sort of thing when you start to get rain fade.  Purple and green blocky garbage all over the screen mixed in with the intended video.  The audio cuts in and out too. (does this make sense?)

Here are the parts:
  • HTPC with a Hauppauge HVR-3000
  • Sky Box is a Pace 230
  • The HVR-3000 and Sky box is connected to the splitter by 1 meter of Titanium series cable, F Plug-F Plug (DSE code CA1410)
  • The satellite splitter is a 2-Way, F Diode (DSE code L4036 - Hills Signal Master code 30129)
  • From the splitter there is a 2meter made up cable that I've been using for years.  Currently using it in the Sky box (without splitter) and can get TV1 and TV2 fine.
  • From the Splitter it goes to a Monster Cable HTS 1000 MK2 Surge Protector
  • From the surge protector there is a 1 meter Monster Cable F Plug-F Plug that goes to a wall outlet.
  • At the end (or is that the beginning? ;)) there is a dual Sky provided LNB sitting on a Sky provided dish.
I'm running MediaPortal (not that that matters), but the DVB-S setings are:
  • Band: Ku Linear (Universal)
  • Satellite: 160.0degE Optus B1,D1
  • LNB Low Freq: 10750
  • LNB High Freq: 10750
  • LNB Switch Freq: 12750
I've tried swapping cables around, replacing the splitter, and taking the HTS1000 surge protector out of the equation.
Incidentally a mate has the same setup at his house (HVR3000, Pace230, same cable, same splitter, but no HTS1000 surge protector) and everything is working fine!

My immediate reaction is to want to check the dish is aligned, but I don't really know what I'm doing!
I'm willing to learn though! :)