I've just purchased a Panasonic 42PV8 plasma and am wanting to convert my old pc for watching movies and tv shows. It isn't anything special but seems to run vista ok (barton 2500+, 1gb ram, 9500 pro). The first thing I need to work out is what is the best way to connect the computer to the display. I have ordered a DVI to HDMI cable and will test that out but there is the option of running it via s-video/component too. What do most people do?

Secondly I will be upgrading the video card because I am unable to get the 9500 pro to work in vista no matter what I try! So am looking at something that can do hd and output to hdmi over dvi. The obvious candidate is a HD3450 for around the $150 mark, other options are the X1650 or HD3650. However I am unable to determine if the AGP version of the card can do sound over HDMI? Secondly if this is not able to be done I don't know if I can input sound into my PV8 over rca while the picture goes over HDMI.

I hooked my laptop up to the screen the other day and wasn't very impressed with s-video. I tried a VGA and the quality was certainly better but it distorted the image because the native res of the tv is 1024x768. How do people get around this?

Sorry for the long post, as you can see I'm a bit of a n00b at this. Any help appreciated!!