While GB-PVR doesn't seem to work all that well under Windowsy (something to do with Win7 taking over control of tuner devices?) - has anyone managed to make it work? (gbpvrforum search was non-conclusive other than a comment from the author saying nothing official is coming until after RTM).

At this stage I'm not too fussed about recording anything (I can always use the software my tuner came with), I mainly just want something to watch shows with. Basically a version of FrontRow which just lists my folders & files and displays a screengrab from within the file.

I've written my own imdb scraper to generate thumbnails and .XML files with synopsis etc. as all the other scrapers I found were _really_ slow (>30secs per lookup Vs. ~3-4secs for mine) - but it's only really useful for movies, not tv shows where I'd rather the software show an image from the episode.

XBMC is ok apart from the fact it uses a lot of CPU power when it's just sitting idle at the main menu, it also doesn't seem to do image previews.

MCE is ok (plus I can make it work with a remote) but I find the way it lists videos to be too cluttered - if there's a way of changing the view style I'd like to know, but I haven't been able to find one.

Any good alternatives, or do I just try and refine my scraper?