Hello all - long time reader first post!

I just bought a DMA2200 from DSE to connect to my Windows 7 Media centre setup as I was getting a little tired of of my jet powered noisy Xbox 360!

I think I should have done a little more research into it as it appears that the DMA2200 does not support Freeview DVB-T as the extender just comes up with the codec not supported message - it seems to work ok with other non freeview channels.

Has anyone else tried to use a 2200 with freeview DVB-T? I just looked at the package (impulse purchase!) and it supported H264 and AC3 so presumed it would work ok, looks like other people in other countrys have also had similar issues with MPEG4

Hopefully DSE will take it back, might upgrade to a new Xbox as I've heard they are a bit more quiet?