Hi All,
I am looking for a AV receiver to go with a set of Diamond 10 speakers, and pretty keen on either a VSX-920 or 1020.  The problem being is trying to identifiy what the ACTUAL difference is between the two in the NZ market, as it appears there is several version floating around, with the US 920 not having an ethernet connection and the jazz that goes along with it like the iphone control, however the NZ 920 does. 

Currently Harvey Normans has the 920 on speical for 866, while I have only being able to find the 1020 at RRP for $1799,  which to be honest is silly money for a non audiophile like myself.

Just wondering if anyone can confirm the differences between the VSX-920AHK and VSX-1020AHK.  Also to note is the pioneer website is rubbish with the spec page for the two looking like a half assed copy past job with reference to the 1020 on the 920 page.  Makes this all very confusing.