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# 77929 24-Feb-2011 14:47
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Oscam has recently added support for Omnikey Cardman 3121 on windows 7 x86/x64. I believe this was previously working on winxp although never tried it.

Now you can run your nds sky card at it's native 5Mhz (or more) and get multiple users (3-4) with ECM's less than 200ms - typically 150-160ms for 2 users. Not to mention no soldering required and you can buy these smartcard readers for about £15 on ebay. Channel change time has also improved.

When installing the card reader it's important to use the native HID drivers rather than libusb via zadig.exe or the default windows drivers.

Download from here,

Check your reader and smart card are detected using the Diagnostic Tool.

You will also need to update oscam. Not sure which version had the fix but Build 4739 has been rock solid for about a week - no crashing.

Just edit "oscam.server" and update Protocol and Device and you're away.

Protocol = PCSC
Device = 0

That's it!
Hats off to the oscam devs.

>> OSCam <<  cardserver started at Thu Feb 24 14:36:56 2011
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s >> OSCam <<  cardserver started version 1.00-unstable_svn, build #4739 (i386-pc-cygwin)
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s version=1.00-unstable_svn, build #4739, system=i386-pc-cygwin, nice=-1
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s client max. idle=120 sec, debug level=0
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s max. logsize=2048 Kb
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s client timeout=5000 ms, fallback timeout=2500 ms, cache delay=0 ms
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s auth size=4976
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s userdb reloaded: 3 accounts loaded, 0 expired, 0 disabled
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s signal handling initialized (type=sysv)
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s newcamd: initialized (fd=6, port=15000, crypted)
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s CAID: 096A
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s provid #0: 000000
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s cccam: disabled
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s radegast: disabled
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s http thread started
2011/02/24 14:36:56  104A240 h HTTP Server listening on port 16000
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s creating thread for device 0
2011/02/24 14:36:56  1053F00 r reader thread started (thread= 1053F00, label=skynz, device=0, detect=cd, mhz=500, cardmhz=500)
2011/02/24 14:36:56  10181C0 s waiting for local card init
2011/02/24 14:37:00  1053F00 r skynz card detected
2011/02/24 14:37:05  1053F00 r skynz ATR: 3F CC 13 25 11 10 80 33 B0 66 69 FF 2E 50 70 00 00 4E 9A 01 00 00
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] parental lock setting: 00 7F FF 00
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] type: VideoGuard Sky New Zealand (096A), caid: 096A
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] serial: 66666666, BoxID: 66666666, baseyear: 1992
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] ready for requests
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r found cardsystem videoguard2
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] skynz card detected
2011/02/24 14:37:06  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] type: VideoGuard Sky New Zealand (096A)
2011/02/24 14:37:07  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] tier: 00fe, expiry date: 2011/05/14-00:00:00
2011/02/24 14:37:07  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] tier: 0fa0, expiry date: 2011/05/14-00:00:00
2011/02/24 14:37:07  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] tier: 0faa, expiry date: 2011/05/14-00:00:00
2011/02/24 14:37:07  1053F00 r [videoguard2-reader] tier: 0fb4, expiry date: 2011/05/14-00:00:00
2011/02/24 14:37:07  10181C0 s init for all local cards done
2011/02/24 14:37:07  10181C0 s anti cascading disabled

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Ultimate Geek


  # 447941 13-Mar-2011 09:45
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still no issues?

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Ultimate Geek
Inactive user

  # 447961 13-Mar-2011 11:22
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this lets you watch sky on your pc?

is this for sky hd?

Does it work with windows media center?


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Ultimate Geek


  # 447962 13-Mar-2011 11:24
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yes, but you need software like DVBlink etc to make it all happen.  There are other treads on here which cover this in more detail.


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Ultimate Geek

  # 447964 13-Mar-2011 11:40
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I'm looking to buy my first smart card reader and experiment a bit with these systems.

Can you tell me if the slightly cheaper Omnikey Cardman 3021 would work as well, or whether I should go for the 3121 as you did?

As far as I can tell, the electronics inside are identical, but I may be missing something. 

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Wannabe Geek

  # 453485 30-Mar-2011 14:00
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Hi, I've purchased an omnikey but can't it going (I had a successfully working phoenix setup with newcs).  Installed the new HID drivers as per your suggestion, plugged in the card and it appears to recognise my mysky card (although nothing shows in the diagnostic tool 'card title' field).  Are you able to provide more info on where to get the oscam build version you're using and the config files needed?

Any help appreciated

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Ultimate Geek

  # 453519 30-Mar-2011 15:18
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I've just received my Omnikey 1021 (as far as I can tell, this is identical to the 3021, which is a smaller version of the 3121).

Got it for $USD15.44 from Ebay (shipped from Estonia).

I'll keep you updated as to whether I can get it working.

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  # 453538 30-Mar-2011 17:04
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You would think that other omnikey models in the same family as the 3121 would be compatible.

I've attached a copy of my oscam folder including the drivers I'm using for the 3121. You shouldn't need to edit anything except user/pass and your lan segment if it isn't 192.168. All the other settings are default. If this doesn't work I'd suspect your reader isn't compatible - yet? You could try a later release of oscam say build #4863.

With regards to later releases of oscam, they can be downloaded from this thread,


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Wannabe Geek

  # 453647 30-Mar-2011 22:37
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thanks for the rar, immediately started seeing card reader and after some fiddling (and a last ditch reboot) all is well. thanks for your help

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Ultimate Geek

  # 453890 31-Mar-2011 18:17
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Glenn, could you please post your OSCAM configuration files?

You seem to have the same setup that I want to use (Omnikey Cardman, Windows 7, Sky NZ card) so I'd be interested to see what you use.


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Ultimate Geek

  # 453904 31-Mar-2011 18:53
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Please ignore my last post, I seem to have skipped past your last post.

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Ultimate Geek

  # 453932 31-Mar-2011 20:13
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I can now confirm that the 1021 works (Oscam + Acamd + DVB Dream trial with a Hauppauge HVR-3000 on Windows 7 x64)

As mentioned before, it cost me $USD15.44 shipped, which came out to $21.92 charged to my credit card.

Considerably cheaper then that Phoenix card reader kit, and with a USB interface as well.

Thanks for pointing this out to me Glenn.

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  # 453971 31-Mar-2011 22:15
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Three years ago, I'd never thought the setup could be so reliable, easy and affordable. There is nothing technical about this approach to playing sky through the PC anymore and everyone gets multiple tuners and multiroom with one subscription for a few hundred dollars. One wonders when this might change, but right now it's happy days for anyone wanting to transition to an HTPC.

The only annoying thing with the usb omnikey is that rdp kills the connection to the card (probably the same for all usb cardreaders?). If anyone knows how to prevent this please tell. Using vnc or teamviewer gets round it but neither are as fast or convenient over lan.

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Ultimate Geek

  # 453984 31-Mar-2011 23:23
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I don't use RDP so can't answer that.

I've heard that some card readers require you to remove the Sky card and place it into the Sky box for a few hours every few weeks. Do you know if that's still the case, or if I can keep it in the HTPC 24/7?

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  # 453990 31-Mar-2011 23:39
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Oscam can update entitlements so you can throw your sky box in the cupboard. You will need to enable acamd to forward emm requests. This is a 0/1 setting in the cardclient.conf. Note the "1" after the port number. This will enable entitlement updates.


You'll know it's set correct when Oscam output shows something similar to,

2011/03/31 23:32:42   F34400 c AU enabled for user user2 on reader omnikey

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Ultimate Geek

  # 459077 15-Apr-2011 10:55
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Hi there,

I've never tried using Sky with a HTPC before. Just have a few questions. I have ordered Sky, due to be installed on 19 April.

Will any Sky smart card work with Omnikey 3121, or do you need to ask Sky to provide a specific Smart Card or decoder model?

I use DVBViewer 4.6 in W7 32 Ultimate. I'm quite happy with DVBViewer, and don't wish to use the Windows Media Center.

I have limited understanding about what's needed to get this working, but I will repeat what I think is required in simple language:

Hardware: HTPC + DVB-S card + Sky dish + Omnikey 3121 + Sky Smart Card

Software: OS (W7 32Bit Ultimate) + DVB-S Viewing Software (DVBViewer 4.6) + Omnikey Drivers + Oscam + Acamd (plugin for DVBViewer?)

I believe Oscam is linux based, so in Windows the user needs to intall Cygwin. Is this correct?

I think Oscam retrieves the decryption data from the the smart card. This is then transfered to Acamd which pulls the data into DVBViewer, and the Sky channels become viewable. Correct?

I recall reading that the user needs to have multiple instances of DVBViewer installed, one instance for each TV tuner card.

At present I have 2 DVB-S tuners and 2 DVB-T tuners installed and am using this with just one instance of DVBViewer. I may have interpreted this multiple instance thing incorrectly. Perhaps the multiple instances of DVBviewer are required when the user wants to have DVBViewer working inside Windows Media Center. Of course, I don't wish to use Windows Media Center, so perhaps I only need one instance of DVBViewer even though I'm using 2 DVB-S cards that want to decode Sky channels. Is this correct?

Where is the best place to download OScam for W7 32bit?

I imagine that Acamd is a plugin for DVBViewer, so the best place to find this is the DVBViewer forums. Correct?

Well, this should be fun and will stretch the brain a bit for one not all that techie skilled.

Many thanks,

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