Hi there,

I'm Rich Chetwynd, founder of Litmos.com

Litmos is an SaaS based training platform that makes it easy for companies to move their training online. 

The core product has been operating with Live customers for almost 2 years now and during that time has changed shape a few times in an effort to simplify the training process. Until this year we had not done any marketing or tried to really push the product at all.. This year we have been making it happen and right now we have a number of exciting opportunities on the horizon both here in NZ and also in the US (our primary market).

To date the majority of the development on Litmos has been done by myself but its all starting to get a bit much with the business side requiring more time!! Were completely self funded and its time to start building up a team!

So what I'm looking for is a web developer who's keen to work on a 1 month trial contract. The money won't be very good!! say $15 p/h but the idea is if we work well together and you have the level of passion required to make a startup happen then we will arrange some options in the company and you become part of the team.

If you're Auckland based (we're in Devonport, right near the ferry terminal) and interested being part of something, you like the buzz of coding cool stuff, solving problems and creating new ways to manipulate data then i would love to talk with you.

Just so you know what you're getting yourself into were pretty much a Microsoft shop right now but it doesn't always have to be that way!! Good skills to have are C#, Javascript (JQuery is a plus), CSS, SQL, Web Services etc.... 

Obviously based on the level of pay I'm talking about i'm not expecting to get a ninja (but if your out there and keen!! bring it on). I'm willing to teach/help anyone who's got some half decent skills and is really passionate about what they do.

Love to hear from you if you're out there.. If your looking at this and thinking, low pay, crap tech or anything like that then your really not who I'm looking for.. this is about opportunity and merging dreams with reality.. (ahh the cheese but you should get where I'm at right now).. work hard, play hard and all that kinda stuff.. 

Reply to this post or send us an email rich [at] litmos.com