Hi, I'm a iPhone developer, I've recently started out doing some freelance contract work, and I'm thinking there must be many people like me who're making their living by taking small contracts 1-2 at a time and working under their own supervision as their own Project manager and sourcing extra work to other people.

I want to know if there's anyone in CHCH who would like to join forces and gather together maybe one night a week or on a Sunday to just work and talk Software dev. with the smartphone.

Currently I'm working with Geo Tagging, Core data, and SQL lite, as well as dabbling with the GPS and making some nice UI animations.

I'm heading to the states in 5-6 weeks to work for the company I contract to on a working visa, but until then I'm working from Christchurch.

So if anyone wants to meet up, and talk Software, Usability, testing, opportunity and just do some work in the same physical location I'd be interested in starting some sort of group, where we could work from the public library, or find somewhere in town where we can do it maybe where theres coffee/food immediately available.

I read an article where iPhone free lancers were gathering in coffeeshops one night a week to simply cut code and work together allowing more minds to collaborate. Opening new doors and increasing the transfer of information. 

Kind of like 'Fight Club' but for Agile software developers on the smartphone... Code Club?

And the idea sounds good, but I think I might struggle to find the numbers in little old Christchurch. At the moment I'm working from Canterbury University in my friends office... where the coffee and social atmosphere resides :P  

Also this kind of overlaps with people who're into User Interface design/Photoshop/Illustrator etc. Not to mention the other various software dev roles like Testing, Scope writing and project management.

 But yea if anyone knows of ways to get in contact with these kinds of people, I'd be interested.