Im currently doing Level 3 I.T based on conceptual designs and my client wants to improve his website as he has a small personalize gifts website. So can i please have opinions regarding this by answering the following questions as well as possible.
Part 1

Gender Male Female

Do you struggle with finding a gift for friends and family? Yes No

Would you be interested if there were products that would allow you to purchase a personal gift through a website? Yes No

Will the layout and design of the website determine if you purchase a product? Yes No

If there are any questions or information you could provide regarding this it would be very helpful

Part 2 (this specifically to personalized gift websites)
What would you like to see when you first open this website
HomePage, information regarding the page or Other

If you shop online what are the main features you would like
i.e Easy navigation, simple layout, readable text. not too many colors etc.

What Web page requirements would you prefer?
Contact us, About us, Pages referring to different ways to personalize gifts ie dog breed certificates, poems, meaning of names, views and comments, order form, standard and premium backgrounds etc.

I know this is a lot but can you please help!!!!!! it would be much appreciated

Thank you for your time!!