Hi all,

Was playing a game and all of a sudden my laptop died. I tried turning it back on. It rebooted past to the windows logo then died again. Tried it so many times but it keeps dying, then it riches to the point where only the light on the power button and keyboard lights works.

I already have done the minor/basic fix stuff to it.
Things I've done so far.

*Holding the power button for a minute without the battery on and unplugged from the charger. Didn't work.
*Open the case to see if anythng got burnt, but no sign of any damage. (not due to overheating btw)
*Cleaned the motherboard and place a new thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. Still didn't work.

Now what I am thnking is the problem could be on the charger or the power jack on the motherboard.

If anyone have the same laptop, I would much appreciated if I can barrow the charger and the battery to check if its the problem. (Would be willing to pay). I don't wanna spend any money without actually knowing the things I need to replace for it.

Many thanks.