Hi folks,

Does anyone know the difference between the Asus G2S and G2SC notebooks? The G2SC seems to be consistently several hundred dollars more expensive and the specs seem to almost identical to the G2S, except the inclusion of a PCI express slot and T7700 processor (vs T7500).

Now usually that would be case closed: its more expensive because the processors are better. The confusing thing is I've found both the G2S and G2SC listed by suppliers with T7700 or T7500 processors, varying amounts of RAM, w or w/o the PCI express slot.

I've scoured the internet but the ASUS website is about as useful as a duck (they only have the G2S, no G2SC), and looking at the supplier websites is why I got confused in the first place. I'm chalking up the conflicting info on supplier sites to willful mis-copy-and-pasting. Does anyone know the difference, or alternatively can point me to a definitive link?

Ta muchly in advance,