Hi all,

I recently purchased an ASUS eeePC ($600 from DSE) but I have found that the size and form factor do not make it any more compelling than a regular notebook. Yes, it is light (1kg) and good battery life (3 hours+) but the tiny screen (4.3" and 800x480) which is not very readable in a bright enviroment (e.g. a vehicle) and the fact it runs hot outway this. The form factor is more suited to using at a desk/table/etc so you may as well be using a full-sized notebook.

So I am looking at something with a handheld form factor. After some quick research, I have come up with 2 models at around the NZD$1000 price point. These are the UBiQUiO 702 and the OQO Model 01+ (both available from expansys).

The 702 has a larger screen (7" vs the 01+'s 5") but the 01+ has a transreflective screen which would make it the clear winner in bright conditions (e.g. in a vehicle).

So my questions are:

a) Does anyone have any of the mentioned devices and any if so, do you have any comment on screen readibilty in bright conditions

b) If not, does anyone have any of the UMPCs in the $1500 range and any thoughts on whether it is worthwhile shelling out the extra $500, bearing in mind my main use will be watching videos and listening to music while travelling, hence the question regarding screen readibility in a vehicle.