Creating a project for home where I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 and an old laptop LCD screen in combination with a LCD Driver Controller Board. The LCD board and the RP3 is connected via a HDMI cable.



The issue I am experiencing at the native resolution of 1680x1050 (16:10 ratio) I get little red dots over the screen where the colour is of a particular grey or dark blue.



This seams to be a common problem and it seams most of the time it's the HDMI cable at fault. However I have tried four different cables of differing lengths. One cable is from and xBox one s also I got a cheap 12" HDMI cable which seams to suck.


I have found this problem goes away when then resolution 800x600 or 1024x768, but neither of these are a ideal as it does not look 'crisp'.


The only guarantee for to work properly is if I use an HDMI to VGA adapter and set the resolution to 1680x1050 @ 60Hz, however I feel this is a workaround and not a solution.


I currently in communication with the eBay seller but a doubt they can really help.


Things I've try:


Different HDMI cable


Different Resolutions.


HDMI to VGA (THIS WORKS, but not ideal)




What else can I try to get rid of these red dots?