Long shot given the do-not-distribute ruling on them but..

Anyone have the later tattoo utils around I may be able to aquire?  Pleanty of the older phoenix ones on not so legitimate resources but none confirm they can do the HP Insyde H20 revisions now.

Unfortunately I no longer have the same glorified internal access to all the HP support tools I use to, and now find the requirement to re-tattoo a bung BIOS update (via the official HP support software updater no less! :( ) that has defaulted all the Bios DMI information to 01234567890 etc.

It seems Windows7 on later boards require the correct manufacturing codes and SN on the board, else it decides to go and un-activate itself due to a bad flash. What the?!!??

I know if it takes a visit to the local visual branch that they most likely won't be kind enough like we use to and over the counter throw the CD in and do it so on a bit of an outreach.

And no, this isn't for your usual illegitimate use of changing boards to install different OS or cool down 'hot' units. Its an issue appearing for a lot of people over the last couple of months via the update utils..