Last weekend I saw the deal that Spark was offering. I worked out the numbers and found I would save a fair bit over a year compared to my current provider. I've always found Sparks speeds etc to be good so I decided to sign up.

I tried to sign up on line but due to my previous provider not having account numbers their online form didn't work. I then proceeded to start a chat. I waited a few minutes then explained to the nice chap my issue. As it was a bit odd he couldn't help me himself but arranged a call back between 8 and 9am the next day. I was a bit cynical but said ok. At 8:45am I had a call back an arranged to change to Spark.

A couple of days later I hadn't heard anything and decided to see what was happening. I started another chat and soon was chatting with another rep. She found what was happening, let me know and promised to keep an eye on what was going on. Once again I was dubious but still happy as things were progressing.

Over the next few days I had about 4 emails from the rep as she kept me updated through every step. By ADSL was customer on time on Friday and other than today's outage it was an entirely positive experience. I really was impressed by the way every promise was kept and that through 3 different people Spark contacted me when they promised and we're friendly and responsive.

Totally impressed!