Before I contact Bigpipe (again) and get a third static IP change, I'm wondering if anyone else has been seeing connection resets on Bigpipe?


I've tried using a different DNS, and the issue still occurs. Running through a VPN fixes the issue, however, that's not a permanent solution for us, as my wife does a lot of work from home, amongst other reasons. 


The site I've noticed it on the most, is reddit simply because it's nearly always open, however it occurs on multiple other sites as well ( is another I notice it happening frequently on). It happens across devices, windows, mac, and android. If I shut down FF or Chrome and reopen the tab, it comes right back up, so it seems to be a weird issue where the connection changes during a refresh or something. 


This just started happening last week, with no changes to my internal network. I'm running a ERL with a Netgear switch, and a UAP AC-Lite


It's been happening on wired and wireless devices. I just hate to ask them to switch my IP again if it's not going to solve the issue. 


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There is no proxy set at all, and never has been.