Hi guys,


I need a bit of advice on how to move forward, or if any Spark employees around here can point me in the right direction, that would be most appreciated.


I have a secondary sim that I've had on Skinny for a long time and recently I've wanted to stop carrying 2 phones, and naturally being an iPhone user I thought I'd port my Skinny sim to Spark prepaid as they offer esim.


I made the order online on Wednesday evening, and waited till the next morning and realised my new esim had no service, but my Skinny sim still had service. I called Spark and the CSO told me it's too soon and to wait.


As I was waiting I thought there may have been a porting error (on a few occasions, whenever porting takes more than a couple of hours I've had to follow up on it to find out there's an error). I was working so I talked to another CSO through Live Chat, in which I was advised that there was indeed an error, which will be rectified and I will receive a call from them in a couple of hours. I was promised by the CSO that my order will be completed today and not to worry.


I was patiently waiting for the call, but no call came for the rest of the day.


This morning, I again talked to a CSO through Live Chat, and the same story was told - there was an error, and we promise you it will be rectified today. 


I no longer have the confidence that my order will actually be looked at, though Spark has charged me the amount. Also note that I have been courteous throughout all of the exchanges with all Spark reps.


I want to seek advice on where to take it from here, none of the CSOs seem to be able to solve my issue. Is there a way I can escalate my issue, or talk to a rep in the specific team that deals with these orders? I just don't want to receive no service for my money, nor do I want to have to consistently check my 2 devices to see if the service has changed over. 


Thanks a bunch. :)