Rumours are rife that Telcom has signed an MOU with MetService to provide Forecasting services for it's beleagued XT network.

XT sources say this is part of a new Holistic approach to resolving on going issues with the network. "With MetService providing forecasts to customers, this will leave our premier Technical partner, Alcatel-Lucent, to concentrate on technical issues. Whilst at Telecom we can concentrate on our core strengths." said un-named Telecom staff.

MetService were coy to comment publicly until a Telecom press conference later in the day. however it's understood the contract has been in negotiaton stages for some time. It's believed one of the sticking points for MetsService was their wish to provide country wide forecasting services where Telecom only require forecasts south of Taupo.

Using specialist modeling tools, MetService is using data collected from each available cell site including data traffic, user numbers and power consumption figures provided thru Vector and Genesis. "By comparing this with comparative data from the older CDMA network we are able to create a 'real-time' forecasting model." said MetService staff. "We just need a small interface to Alcatel-Lucents data streams and Technical teams to make this an accurate and robust model."

It's understood Telecom PR people are discussing with major media organisations the best method of delivering the XT network forecasts to the public, but it is expected these will follow tradional MetService forcasts.   Laughing