Having a slightly fustrating problem. I used datapilot to take the phone book entries from my 7400 and i want to write these entries to my new 9000 . I have the update and the 9000 shows in the droplist of models but says cant detect phone? i open up the phonebook manager and go to . Com port is set to auto config or Irda, make set to sanyo, model set to sanyo 9000. when i connect the phone it say "usb connected" and as per datapilot's instructions i set the phone to standby, the phone screen returns to normal and when i click ok in phone manager it says "connecting phone... please wait " then says "phone was not found". the phone detects via the usual "storage device" and i can add my mp3s etc on the 1gig card. but doesnt seem to detect in phone manager.

helppppp. dont really want to be re entering all my contacts manually into the 9000.